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    I wanted you to know how much I appreciated you. I didn't mean to come off as so awkward the first time we met. You know,I'm no good in social situtations, and if your wondering, Yes. I still bite my lips when I'm nervous. I'd admit, I was always a little jealous of you. You had "It". You had everything figured out. While, I was in this hypnotic stage of nihilism. You said you believed in me and that was enough to propell me into my future. How can I even come to compare myself to you. But still you had all of this generosity towards me. There was even a moment I believed I loved you but that was a moment too soon forgotten. I didn't want to dwell on the fact that we were going to go to different colleges but I was just happy to see you go and accomplish what you wanted. I guess that's what made us become friends in the first place. How we just genuinely cared. There was no reason behind us doing nice things for each other. We did them just because. I loved that about our friendship. You always had a sincere warmth about you that made me feel safe. I was only always myself when I was with you. You were my home. I hope I offered all these things to you as well. I miss you.
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    Gergin, Thank You so much for Writing that! To me right now, it has stirred me quite a bit, I have a vicious headache that won't go away, i just read what you wrote, I am crying as a reaction, but in that time my headache was gone for the time I was reading.
    I know that it was not for me. You certainly had a way with words, I often wonder how we, The people here in this room, dealing with the pain that we have can write such touching words, Making those moments so important So Beautiful. So Loud but soft and stirring at the same time, there is Loss and Love , Pain and sorrow, at the same time a few moments of peace and tranquility and Deep Joy and Pleasure Softly Done Thank You, I have interpreted perhaps different from Others, Beautiful none the less!