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  1. MKat

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    Hey, I'm MK. I've been battling mental illness issues throughout college. Got a diagnosis of depersonalization disorder (rooted in childhood trauma) about 2.5 years ago . This year I've been on a medley of medications to combat depression and anxiety. My girlfriend of two years broke up with me about a month ago with the promise that we'd revisit the relationship at the end of the summer. At the same time, most of my close friends graduated and moved away. Feeling pretty alone and desperate. Dropped out of my summer classes, quit my job, and I'm spending my days with the goal of at least getting out of bed and showering. Not exactly what I envisioned for the summer going into my senior year especially since I'm normally an extremely outgoing, energetic, and hard working person...

    I'm looking to connect with a community who understands the struggles of mental illness and who can possibly offer some support and companionship.
  2. Brian777

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    Hello MK and welcome, you've come to the right place :) I'm sorry to hear the struggles you've been through, life does get difficult, but reaching out helps and the people here will support and befriend you. There's also a chatroom and usually always someone in there to talk with. This site is literally a life saver, at least for me it was. Take care and see you around.
  3. WildCherry

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    Hi, and welcome. I'm glad you found us; I hope you find lots of support here.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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