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help please?

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Hi, haven't been on here for a while.. But I'm back :)

Still get strong suicidal thoughts, I have told my therapist that they get very strong and that I do actually want to act on them but I don't think she understands.. She doesn't think anything is wrong with me!?
I have acted on my thoughts quite a few times and she knows this but still she thinks nothing is wrong with me?

I am alone with these thoughts now, because no one understands and no one cares if I do act on my thoughts.
Does anyone know if the police do check ups on people? I have had the police at my house a few times but they have never been back to check up on me.. And I thought they would do that.

Life is crap!


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I don't know the answer to your question. But are you able to find a new therapist? If she's not taking you seriously and not listening to you, you deserve to talk to someone that will.
I cannot change my therapist because they have all been told there is nothing wrong with me, I got sent there with depression and now I have been told I don't have it.. I'm so confused and alone! :'(
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