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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by lulumoon, Sep 23, 2013.

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  1. lulumoon

    lulumoon Active Member

    Hi all. I have been fighting depression for the last 20 years I am now 31. I have had relationships and been able to hold down a job whilst dealing with the most hideous depression i could ever imagine. I recently read an article on high functioning depressives. those who manage day to day activities but still have severe depression. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced depression like this. I have had moments of not wanting to get out of bed and live ( i have been this way for the past 3 weeks) but for the most part i mask my depression. I go to work i do daily activities. I am on medication long term. but i still feel the total pain and isolation of depression. I know depression can come in bouts my last bad episode was about 2 years ago and it feels like my current episode is turning into a living nightmare. I am now cutting people off and i have not been to work in a week. I feel tired and just want to sleep. I am not bi polar i do not experience extreme hghs and lows i am either managing or i am overcome by the depression. I am interested if anyone else who has depression experiences it this way?
  2. AnaNg

    AnaNg Antiquities Friend

    Yes, I have what most people would look at from the outside as high functioning depression in that the vast majority of people who know me have no idea that I suffer (and have for 25 years off and on) with depression, much less that it is very severe at times. I am a wife and mother of three, member of our parish choir, cantor, and have close friends who I spend time with on a regular basis. Very few people know how horribly depressed I've been lately. It is a tiring thing putting on my happy mask, but if I am to stay alive and not completely screw up my children's lives and emotional development, it is necessary. So on the outside I appear okay, but that is just a facade. It sucks, but it is what it is.
  3. 2ndCity773

    2ndCity773 Active Member

    You are not alone on this one. I'm a guy in my mid twenties and I too have functioning depression. It sucks. I wish I could genuinely be happy instead of faking it. I'll spare the details for another thread. Hang in there and good luck.
  4. loneland

    loneland Member

    I've responded to a few posts like this, so you're definitely not alone. I have a very similar sort of depression. The hardest thing for me is the feeling that my depression is a big secret, that not only am I fighting it all the time, I also have to fight to hide it away from everyone. I wish there was more public space for people who deal with this to be open about what they're going through. I feel like you are automatically viewed as less capable and intelligent once someone else knows about it.
  5. normaljoe

    normaljoe Well-Known Member

    has anyone ever read Prozac Nation? this post reminds me a lot of that book. it is a good read and got me through some rough times. (read it twice...which is saying something for me cause i rarely read non economics books )
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