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How are you today 1-10?


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It can be quite obvious. Here for you if ever need, or even just a really bad joke to make ya laugh. *hug
haha Thank you, I know, and I love the jokes! It wasn't too bad, no worries to be had. *hug
i hope tomorrow can be even better, you deserve a good day...mike...*hug*shake
Thank you, Mike. It is better already. *hug
I'm sorry this is happening flamingo :( I hope the medication does help a little bit in time. You don't deserve such painz migraines are awful. *hug
thank you. I ve had them my whole life. these recent ones feel different. Its scarey. I appreciate your kindness.

i'm sorry to hear that, migrane can be terrible. is there anything besides meds that will help? i hope you feel better soon...mike...*hug*console*shake
thanks. I avoid light & sound. Ice on the base of my skull & neck has been helpful. i have a mouth guard to reduce joint pressure from grinding my teeth. Neck positioning helps. Migraine is caused by multiple triggers. seems to take just as many interventions to resolve it. Thank you for your kindness.

i am functioning today. Slower, but moving. postdrome is like hangover with out the fun. Pain today is 5.
thanks for the opportunity to ramble and provide tmi. HaHa!


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i started the day at a 1, i went cruising out in the country with my wife and 2 chihauhaus. i miss not having car shows but this is almost as good. but later this afternoon for about 5 hours i'd say i was a 6. now things are so much better i'm back to a 1. so all in all a good day..mike

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