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How can people bully me at work

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How can people at work bully me that is wrong. I have been called uglee among things. I don't bully people and I don't know why they love to bully me.
If you are being harassed by coworkers, and your boss isn't doing anything about it, you may have grounds for a legal claim


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Sorry you have to face bullying at work, your boss needs to ''man up'' and sole this. No one should ever feel bullied or harassed in the work place. Do you have another job lined up since you say you are quitting this one. You certainly deserve better. Are you seeing a doctor or therapist for mental health issues. Glad you opened up here, we genuinely care :)
Sorry to hear about your work environment. The relationships at work often involve conflict of interests. For example, fighting for promotion, bosses want to spend the least money and squeeze out most results, employees want to make most money and do least work. So bullying and stabbing each other in the back is common. Sometimes you can collect evidences to protect your rights, sometimes you can't. It's all part of this so-called office politics.

A friend of mine trained an intern, taught the intern a bunch of things, then the intern became a full time employee, framed my friend, my friend got fired. She then got a new job and the corporate culture is so much better. She said the worst thing in her life turned out to be the best thing.
my mom is my garden and she will not let me sue
You might want to try calling 211 or visiting 211.org. Your state attorney general's office might also be able to help.

You may have legal rights even if your mother has a particular legal status in relation to you.
If you are in the US, and you think you are being discriminated against because of your disability, you can contact the US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, and make a complaint.


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You can call the labor department to discuss with them, but to be honest often times there is not a lot you can do unless you can show discrimination based upon being a protected class. Another words, racial discrimination, sex discrimination, etc. If it is just a case of people being rude there is little legal recourse. Talking to your boss or the HR department if the company is large enough to have an HR department is the only real recourse often. I am not saying I think this is right or fair in any way- simply being realistic about what can be done. In the case of people just being rude it is usually either a choice between finding another job or using coping strategies to stop the issue, which may or may not stop it and may or may not help you feel better.

A good summary of this is -

It surprises many people to learn that the law does not always protect people from a “hostile” work environment. It depends on what the motivation is behind the “hostility.” If an employee is being mistreated or harassed for reasons having something to with their sex or race – or certain other characteristics like their religion or national origin – then there are indeed legal protections against it.

But if the source of the hostility is something else there may not be a legal remedy for it. If, for instance, someone is being harassed at work just because their manager or co-worker is a jerk, or because the manager or co-worker is simply an unreasonable, excessively demanding, or irrational person, or because of a “personality conflict” with them, often there is not a legal solution to the problem, Many times the only things the victim of this kind of harassment can do is either try to resolve the problem through internal channels – like going to HR – or to find another job. This can be very hard for people to understand when they have worked hard, and have done nothing to deserve the harassment and mistreatment they are being subjected to. - https://finneylawfirm.com/2017/01/20/what-is-a-hostile-work-environment/

I am sorry this is happening and hope you are able to get some help dealing with it.
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