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How do you deal with an incurable progressive chronic pain disorder?


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That's what my condition is classed as. :( (my story: https://www.suicideforum.com/community/threads/alone-in-a-dead-end-with-chronic-pain.156520/ ) It's getting worse and more painful with each month and since last month, I've now gotten to the point where I'm house bound (And sometimes bed bound) because it's too painful to walk. I can't even exercise because most exercises effect that area (pelvis and lower back and abdomen) in some way. I do want to try upper body exercises but honestly I've just lost all motivation. I'm letting my body deteriote and it's too much to know it's only going to get worse from here.

Does anyone else have a progressive condition? How do you cope knowing you're only getting worse? When it's already too painful? Especially when there's no treatment? Ideas, advice would be nice but even just a hug would be really nice too, I'm so so down today after a horrible flare up. :(


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This article has some information about treating chronic pain

It's from the June 2019 issue of Consumer Reports. I don't know much about many of treatments or advice that they give, but it might be worth reading.

Does the online PGAD community have anything helpful?

Hugs, I hope things can get better soon
Thank you so much I've just read the article and it's so useful! It mentions certain antidepressants that help with nerve pain which is what I've been looking for because I wasn't sure which ones could do that! :)

And for the online community, it's complicated because people there have a lot of different causes so one treatment could help one person while it could make another worse. That usually happens even if it's caused by the same thing. It's so complicated. I was thinking of trying antidepressants for it first but I didn't know which ones (until I read the article) so I feel a bit more hopeful now!! Thank you again! Hugs! :)

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