I am the enemy

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    This is probably going to piss some off, but I really don't give a fuck anymore.

    The way the world has changed has resulted in me becoming the enemy. I am a white, straight, male, from an english speaking first world country and I am the enemy. I am evil, I am to be punished and I am to left on my own with no help.

    I have no problems with your race, sex, sexual orientation or where you are from but I shouldn't be fucked over because I'm not a "minority".

    On my campus there are groups for all of these subjects and I'm not allowed at most of them (or have any reason to be there). But I do pay part of my tuition fees so that they can exist and do I have a group that is for me. Nope. Does this make sense?

    But my biggest problem is the fact that I have to watch everything I say and do because if I do it, it's racist, sexist or some other bullshit term which is so far from what it really means.

    Meanwhile I see posters for "being coloured survival guide", and "Women becoming equal" everywhere I go, which basically say, I'm the enemy and you need to learn how to fight me.

    You're human, I'm human and I'll treat you the same as I do to everyone else, until you show that you deserve to be treated better or less.

    Feel free to celebrate who you are, but let me be who I am.
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    I understand just where you are coming from on this one. We live in a world of political correctness gone mad. There is a roundabout near where I live with a big Z on it in concrete. Apparently it stands for zero tolerance of violence towards women. Why only women was my first thought, Why not just zero tolerance to violence. I can understand why some minorities feel the need to form some kind of group to fight for their own issues and I support them in that but that shouldn't mean that those of us who are in the majority should be cast as the villians. I agree with you that people are people regardless of sex, race,creed or culture. Unfortunately some people use the fact that they are in a minority to try and f**k over the rest of us. I've always been in favour of equal rights for everyone. That should include the majority. Maybe it's just a swing of the pendulum and one day we can return to a bit of sanity in the world.
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    That fact is on my campus, I AM THE MINORITY.

    close to 6 to 1 female to male.

    There are more students of asian and indian decent than caucasian

    Hear more Mandarin/Chinese/language other than english, than I do english

    We have one of the largest gay/transgendered/etc population of all other schools.

    This is all fine but I thought they were trying to help those who feel like they don't belong.