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I can't be... I'm not..

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I can't be perfect, you know that.
I'm not the smartest, never will be.
I'm not the best, always someone better. I know you know that.
Not the way you want me to be, I'm sorry.

I choose to stand alone. I'm not like you

I try.. is that not enough?

I'm lazy. I know it. I don't care. I'm a loner, it's sad. But they don't care so why should I?

I shut you out because I have to. I isolate because I deserve it.

I'm sorry. because I should be.

I cause my own problems...

I can't be... I'm not... I'll never be

Who I Want To Be........

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hun i know you told me that you didnt want hugs even cyber ones, but the second you want them i will unload a flood of them on you.

i know you try your best in life and that is all anyone can expect from you. you have a lot of responcability for such a young person, and you are taking it much better than most would. personally i think you are doing great, even though you dont feel it.

anyway you know how much i feel for you, i want you to take care hun.
Thanks hun

:unsure: When and if I'm ever ready for hugs again.. Y ou'll be the first I turn to for them

Take care hun
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