I don’t know how to make myself full 😕


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Back to those infection days, I’ve been eating soft foods like for 3 years and now my dr challenged me to eat solid foods since discharged and because the infections is over to get energy, my calorie count is really little and it got me bloated easily even though it’s just little so I went back to eating soft foods without dr’s permission, I’m so confuse. When I do eat soft foods, I tend to stress eating just because I’m not full & I don’t feel energy. Ack, I wish I can just snacks.


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You're not supposed to eat too feel full. You only need to eat to get enough food to live you know? Just eat what you need and don't over think it too much.


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While just "snack food" would not be a great diet eating multiple very small meals a day is needed by many people - myself included due to gastroparesis which makes me vomit and get ulcers if eat more than a little bit at a time. You can make nice full meals, place in microwavable container and the warm as needed 6x if need across the day to get both the quantity of nutritious food you need and to allow snacking on small quantities if that feels better. I would say discuss with your dr to make sure he agrees , but it is a common thing for my condition, for anybody with lat band, etc.

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