I feel disconnected.

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by insiiideouuut, Jul 15, 2014.

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  1. insiiideouuut

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    Hi. I didn't know which section to post this in, so I hope it fits here because I assume it's related to my mental health issues. But anyway, basically I feel like I'm disconnected from reality. Like my mind feels dull and foggy, and I can barely remember anything. It's horrible and it just gets worse over time. I've been living with it for a year and a half now. Seen tons of doctors (mental and phychiatric) about it and I'm pretty sure they all had no fuckin clue what I was even talking about. I can't even explain well what it feels like, so I guess I'll just post this link to a site that describes it better than I can.


    Since I got it, it's made my depression 1000x worse and my sleep has been majorly fucked up. I rarely get a decent night's sleep. So anyone else out there have or think they have it? It's making me feel like I'm going demented. I just feel awful, like I can barely function anymore.
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    The article gives hope with blood testing ect one can be treated with proper diet etc and return the brain to not being so fogged up
    Perhaps show this article to your doctors you are talking to and get test done so you can be treated correctly
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