I found possible natural and very strong anti-depressant

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Viktor, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    And it was very effective on me. Sex. Well, not sure if it's ok to talk about it here, but i am loser in this stuff. I always has been loser with girls. And last days i was so depressed and desperate to get some love and gentleness that i started to think one crazy stuff. Pay some girl to be for a while with me. And since i actually have money now, i started to be serious about it. Not like i am rich or something. I just got larger amount of money when my father sold our awesome home and sent me to this crap place where i live now. I just hate it here. I was looking for a way to rest from my every day sadness and i found payed sex as possible solution. I felt bad because of it. I have deep respect to a women. And i was also afraid of some diseases and stuff. Some people see it as normal and that there is nothing wrong about paying for having sex. I just wasn't sure about this. But yesterday i decided that i will try. So i found one really extremely pretty girl in one top Private (that's how it's called in czech... it can be apartment turned into sex apartment where guys are coming to have sex with girls... it's not an night club) in my city. About 9 girls are working there, but when you enter, you see only the one you reserved for yourself. So of course, you are only with that one girl alone all the time. As if she is there alone and waiting just for you. So yea, i came there and she was very nice to me and friendly, everything was clean and everything smelled nice, as well as her. I was nervous as hell, because i never tried such thing before. But well, i overcame it, because she was very understanding and nice. She was showing me that everything is ok. And so... we had sex together for an hour. It was pretty expensive. But i think it was worth it, because it was my happiest hour in past about 10 years or so. I had self-confidence when i was with her, because she seemed that she is enjoying it. We was both sweating a lot. I normally don't have self-confidence otherwise at all. And after that i felt nice for the rest of the day, not depressed at all. And whole this day too. But now it's coming back again. Maybe it will sound bad somehow, but if i were billionaire, i would pay her for whole year and it would be possible that she would heal me totally. Even though i would know that she is just payed to be with me. So you see how much desperate you can get when you are alone so much and for so long and you miss love so much that nobody can imagine. I was never friend of payed sex before. But now i did it. And as i said, everything was clean and nice looking and these girls are pretty careful. They have sex with you only with the protection. No such things as drugs was present also. She looked healthy, definitely not like under some narcotics. Just a normal girl, but well, really pretty and hot :) And although she already smelled nice and was pretty clean to me, she also took shower before we started. I took shower too ofc.

    So, umm, maybe this thread will get deleted because of sexual content. Well, i tried to write it not sexual as much as i could. But maybe it could be nice idea for someone too. I mean, if you have money, you could try it too. Well, why not? Sex is nice, or not? So why not enjoy your life a little in your dark days? It's not just about sex, but you could feel that someone wanna be with you for a while. Someone who wants to be with you for what you are. Even though you know that she probably wouldn't be with you, if you wouldn't pay her, already for an obvious reason that it normally doesn't go so fast, right? But that thought that she really wanna be you at that moment works anyway :) Well, it also depends on the girl sadly. I wouldn't recommend to get some girl that is too young. In that apartment there was many girls that was 18, 19 years old. I mean, i didn't see them inside. As i said, i saw only that one i was with. I saw them on the internet, where i was choosing the girl. Well, i'm almost 32. Too young girl could have some inappropriate behavior. The girl i was with was 24 years old. I guess she was the oldest of them all. She was tall too. 179 cm. I have 183. Well, it was a lady :) I was lucky, because she was really nice. I felt with her like she is my girlfriend. We had some friendly chat after as well :) So, yea, you need to be a little lucky for it too and well, the money could be a problem here. Not like i could afford it every day myself. I still need to be careful with spending money. So, if you have money, you could try this very strong, but also very gentle anti-depressant :)
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  2. DrownedFishOnFire

    DrownedFishOnFire Seeing is Believing Forum Pro SF Supporter

    Sex is a good release done safely with a partner you trust and is clean/free of STDs

    The problem is with some people when it comes to depression, the sex drive is non-existent

    Glad you found something to help you for the time being and nah nothing wrong with your post in my opinion
  3. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    Well, not like i can trust a girl which i know 5 minutes, right? But as i said, these girls are pretty careful themselves. She wouldn't have sex with me without protection, so i shouldn't be worried.

    Yea, i understand what you mean with sex and depression. But as i already said in my other threads, my depression isn't clinical. My depression has a reason and that is the loneliness and lack of love. With that girl i got what i miss and so i felt beautiful, even though just for one hour. But as i said, it left traces in me, so i actually still feel ok. But it won't last long, because well, i am alone again and i can't afford to go for second round with her again.

    I was arguing before with people in the chat room. People think that i probably wouldn't be happy anyway if i was loved. It is wrong. I just proved myself that i would be happy. And this girl probably didn't even recognize any depression on me, because when i already started talking to her, i stopped being depressed, because i wasn't alone. Same goes for me being able to present myself before woman, to be attractive for her. When you are depressed, you aren't much able to do that. But if people would stopped being close minded, they would see more in you than what they want. Everyone are copying the ideas from other people anyway. People hardly can think on their own anymore. People see some stuff as they see it only because other see it the same way and they don't even realizing it. If people wasn't so blind, i wouldn't be where i am now.
    Yea, you might think that i'm just saying excuses and that it should be me who should change. But i'm sorry, but that's just another blind thinking. Just because a majority of people have some ideas, doesn't mean that idea is correct. How should i change? I done a lot to find love. I am always nice to girls, respectful and kind. But they never found it sexy. Some other asshole always came, showing himself before her, had stupid language, was seen and heard everywhere and yea, such guys was always sexy for girls. You change!
  4. Jasv

    Jasv Well-Known Member

    I don't find anything wrong with that to be honest. People relieve stress in many ways and I completely understand that being alone is troublesome. It goes for me too. One of the reasons why I'm so depressed now is because I don't have anyone to hold me and stuff. I've never paid anyone to have sex with me, but I would be lying if I said I never thought of it. Sometimes being lonely is too much to handle.

    Anyways. Good luck with all of that. I hope you find someone to love no matter the condition. People judge what they cannot understand. Pay no mind as long as you're happy ;p
  5. Phil smith

    Phil smith Member

    I understand how you came to this conclusion. I am married and could never even think of cheating. However when we are intimate (which is rare because a weak crying man isn't attractive) my pain disappears. I feel connected, loved and appreciated. When we get so desperate for human interaction it's like a drug when a woman will give herself to you. Yeah so what if it's temporary. When the happy moments in our lives come less and less often, a few moments of being happy and not alone is worth any price.
  6. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    Thanks for understand guys. I was afraid you will think of me as pervert or something. What a relief :)
    Shovaz, if you are alone like me and you have money to spend, do yourself a favor and go for it. I mean, Christmas are almost here too. You could give yourself a nice gift :) Just find some top private (or maybe it's called incall?) apartment and choose some very hot girl for you :) Too bad they usually covers their faces on pics. So you have to choose by looking at the body only. And as i said, not sure about teen girls. Maybe for a man who isn't alone and has a lot of self-confidence, teen girl would be ok. But for me, i prefer more matured one and she was nice. Teen could be more cool, which for my case wouldn't be so ok. Nice girl is better for me. More love :) It's up to you how you feel it. And i think you don't have to be worried. They think about safety a lot :)
  7. Phil smith

    Phil smith Member

    A pervert is someone who dose sick things to kids and people who are unaware or unreceptive. It's a shame that people are so selfish these days. Guys who "ooze" confidence and sleep with a different girl every night wants to inflate his ego. Guys like us want to be loved and appreciated. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Sex to help...hmmm it was therapeutic when I was very young. But it hurt as much as it helped and didn't do any good for my reputation. When I spent years in the house I wanted sex badly. When I did get a boyfriend in 2010, the sex was amazing, euphoric!!!! Now, I would not want sex but I will in the future when I look the way I want to. It's not hard for me to get sex with a guy....just go to a nightclub meet a guy. Some people say guys take advantage of drunk girls but girls can just as easily take advantage of men for sex (not saying I did he wanted it as much as I did) was a guy in a night club, went back to his hotel room with him, I was fairly sober, he was a coloured guy from canada, it was march 2009, a once off, his flight was delayed. I cannot even remember his name but I will never forget that night, it did my mind a lot of good. I couldn't believe the showers in the 5 star hotel(not in a sexual way) fucking hell that hotel was amazing. Must have cost him a fortune, the singer pink has stayed there. Also I just realized I spoke about 2010 before 2009, I'ts fine though no need fix it. I will admit though in 2009 I was very thin and looked great in everything. I am 25 now and have put on weight, I was offered sex about 6 weeks ago (we kissed ) and I refused because of my weight and my mind, self respect.
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  9. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    would like to repeat one thing, just in any case, even though it's pretty obvious. I don't know where you guys live, but in my city, these incall apartments where you can pay girl to have sex with and especially the apartment i've been at was very clean. The girl took shower, i took shower before we had sex. The bed was clean. We had sex with protection only. She wouldn't have sex with me without. After we finished, she took shower again and i took shower too. And she changed the sheet on the bad right after. Put the clean one. So other guy that came after me was in clean environment again. When i was there, everything smelled fresh as new, including her. Do not enter any incall apartment that isn't clean, where you suspect some drugs and definitely don't have sex with any girl without a protection to avoid STD. If you obey these rules, you should be ok and all you get will be nice time with pretty girl :) Normally, these girls wanna be healthy too, so they are careful themselves, because actually women have a higher risk of getting HIV than man. And that's what you should looking for when you wanna try this kind of thing. Girls that wanna go safe.
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  10. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    I want to give an update here. I've been two more times to visit the same girl. As it was very nice effect on me after first time, the second time wasn't so cool anymore. Because well, i started to think about her a lot. When i was about to visit her third time, i made pancakes for her with curd. 4 with vanilla curd and 4 with chocolate curd. Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Yea, i can do very tasty pancakes. As the pancakes contained vanilla sugar, plus the cinnamon sugar on top, when she let me into that apartment, all other girls must have smell those pancakes in all rooms. Well, we went into our room. First i gave her one Garbera flower i bought on the way. She was very happy and then i asked her if she likes pancakes. She answered that she loves them. So she was happy when i pulled them out from the bag. She brought us a drink to it. When i stepped out from the shower, she was sitting on the bed and she was eating one of those pancakes. She said she couldn't resist. She said that they taste awesome. We talked about how i am making them and stuff. Well........ then we had sex. After we finished, there was still 45 minutes time. Because i paid for 2 hours this time. So we talked. She was very opened with me about her personal life and stuff. She doesn't behave like normal.... you know.... hooker. She is quite.... lady. And very decent behavior she has. And she is really nice. When i had to leave, i was really sad. And well, as i feared from the beginning, i fell in love with her. Now i am think about her and i'm depressed again. I know i shouldn't be in love with such girl. Yet, i am. Because it's so easy for me to fall in love. And the only way how to visit her is to pay her lots of money. I started less and less coming to her for having sex with her. Now... i just want to be with her and sex is just nice bonus. But now i am even willing to offer her that we don't have to have sex if she doesn't want it, even though i'd pay her already. She is still a woman and not a sex machine. But she needs to take money from me for the spent time with her, because of her boss.

    So, having paid sex can be very therapeutic. I am still saying it and i still recommend it. There is really nothing wrong on it. But if you are so sensitive for falling in love like i am, i probably don't recommend it to you.

    How big chances i have with this girl? I don't know. She told me many times that i am really nice guy and that she enjoyed the sex with me and how happy she was for the flower and the pancakes and she was showing signs like some relationship could maybe happen between us in the future. But she also said that she doesn't wanna start any relationship until she's still working there, which is understandable. And also she doesn't wanna meet anyone outside that private apartment whom she met there. However, she said that we maybe could meet up after she finished working there. She said she just need to pay one big dept fast and that then she will quit. How much all she says to me is true and how she behaves to me is honest, well, that's another story. And that's what troubles me. She could be just nice to me, so that i wanted more and more coming back to her and paying her money. If so, she's succeeding in that. But nothing can be proven here.
  11. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    Oh Viktor. Money doesnt buy love.

    Hookers are running a business. It's nothing personal. She spends some time with you, and she collects payment for services rendered. That's it. That's all. Stop paying her and see how long she hooks on you.

    Try to make meaningful friendships with people and not out of desperation nor for a cost. Surely someone will like you without you having to pay them to do so.
  12. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    You know, i did read a lot about private girls when i started visiting her. There are many reasons why these girls does this job. But 95% of them never dreamed about such job. The rest 5% are nymphomaniacs. These are very rare though. Lots of girls will be just "surviving" the time with you. Means they won't be enjoying it and they won't be hiding it. But there are also girls with so called GFE approach. For the paid time with her, she will behave to you like she is your girlfriend. She will enjoy the sex with you or at least she will be showing that. To get such behavior from such girl however, you need to behave nice to her and not like to some sex machine. The girl i visited had such nice behavior to me. While all that behavior can be acted, she tells me a lot of stuff about herself. I know, you can't buy love, but when you pay for the time with such girl, you are with her alone and stuff might happen. There are cases when the girl fell in love with the guy. But then she needs to stop doing this job obviously. It is not impossible to find relationship in this, but the problem is that it's pretty tricky. You can never be sure how much serious the girl is about it. Nice proof would be if she wanted to meet me normally. It happens sometime. Not yet to me though.

    Meaningful friendship. I have some. But i miss love. A love of woman. A lot. Try to be alone as long as i am and then we can talk. It's really hard for me. I feel like i have no purpose. I am still trying to find love normally, but without success. It's like i have two options. I will either jump under the train or i will do what i do. Pay girl to be with me for a while, which will help me to feel better for a while. Too bad it's so expensive
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