I Hate That Site

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    Tegaki fucking E.
    They all hate me there. The only reason I go there is becuase my art has good quality with their software, it's all I have. But everyone there hates me. I get trolled frequently. All of my friend's friends treat me like a kid, giving me unnecessary UNWANTED critiques, and telling me what I should and shouldn't do. Everyone hates me becuase of my personality, and some of my old bad habits that I used to have on that site. Also becuase I'm a furry.
    I drew myself naked there in my fursona form, no graphic images or anything, just nudity. Suddenly a bunch of faces in disgust rolled in the comments. You know, people there draw humans fucking and shit all the time on the site but thats perfectly fine, but when a furry does it OH NO GOD DISGUSTING KILL IT WITH FIRE.
    I'm not there for you nit picking fucking nerds, I'm there to draw. Leave me alone.
    You don't have to comment either, how you gonna tell me I'M immature when you people comment when you don't even need to? You could just click away like a normal person.
    FUCK I'm pissed off.
    I know I'm not supposed to let internet people piss me off but FUUUUUCCKKKKKK I'M SO SICK OF THIS.
    I've had an ENTIRE TUMBLR PAGE dedicated to making fun of me before. Mocking me, my roleplays, and my OCs. I'm so angry, I'm so sick of it, what did I do to deserve this? Fuck, this will probably end up on some other webpage...
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    And you know what else? I'll get made fun of for quitting that site.
    I'm 100% serious.
  3. Raichupuppy

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    Because they know I'm quitting out of anger. I've just...I've been taking this bullshit for almost 5 years, I'm just...done. I'm done. I can only take so much.
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    I've never seen that site before, but it looks like they would have some kind of blocking feature. I'm sure you're not the only one who gets unpleasant remarks. Most sites allow you to protect yourself from unwanted attention like that.
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    I am sorry it has been distressing to you. Cyber bullying is just as bad as in real life, especially since often it is sharing something very personal that starts it.

    We have a creative corner here - if you decide to share some of your work in it let me know - as someone that can not draw a reasonably acceptable stick figure I love to live vicariously through the efforts of those more talented than I .

    Take Care

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    I too know about being bullied hun you won't be bullied here so many kind people here hun like to see some of your art work hugs no judgement here either