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I have a different way of thinking


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and I seriously have to say I am hearing "BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP" outside right now =/ I really am =/ I just came back after visiting extended family for a week and I keep hearing the beeping...

anyways I seem to have a different way of thinking from others...

GOSH I AM COVERED IN SWEAT I'm drinking this Extra Large extremly super hot coffee and for some reason I am SUPER SUPER hot right now ugh.. But I just imagined writing here for like a long time.. but now that I am writing this post in which I am writing I feel so hot and sweaty..

My nephew has similar thinking to me and my bro =/ its hard to explain but he kept doing "tests" to me last night... like we watched "Cowboy Bebop" and he said "Is this from a past episode??" when it showed flashbacks and ARGH I KEEP HEARING THE BEEPING OUTSIDE I CAN'T STAND IT.

Anyways I seem to have a different way of thinking from others and people online seem to make fun of me for it =/ and people don't seem to understand me.

Like if I were to give myself advice, it would probably be:

Also me: cuz I'm not racist and stuff
Me: BUT THAT'S THE PROBLEM!!! THAT'S WHY PEOPLE Don'T LIKE YOU!!! IF YOU JUST SAID RACIST WORDS, everyone in the universe would be like an Espeon from Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal edition from the Gameboy Color and use their "Psychic" Pokémon attack to read your mind to understand that you AREN'T racist but you are clearly saying lots of racist words so that people online will read your mind like an Espeon from Pokémon G/S/C for the Gameboy and tell that you are only saying racist words so that people will read your mind like an Espeon from Pokémon the video game to know that you are mad that you ex-toxic-best-friend-for-15-years one time 9 years ago said racist words and you're still angry at him for that, so you are saying racist words so that random strangers will read your mind like an Espeon from the Pokémon video games and also be mad at your old friend for saying racist words 9 years ago since they'll know how you felt."


"HOW MANY SEX STORIES DO I NEED TO SEND YOU before you understand that I AM NOT A PERVERT AND I HATE SEX!!??!!?" and I sent them more and more weirder, creepy inapproriate sex stories about strangers having sex with them while saying every other line "THIS IS SO CREEPY, I HATE WRITING THIS." and I LITERALLY HAD TO WRITE A SECOND SEX STORY cuz she did not respond, cuz my ex-friend said "A real man can tell what a women is saying with their silence." I was always bad at that, but when I asked Sensei if a doujin means a sex story after they said I can make a doujin about them, they did not respond. This must mean "YES I AM YOUR SENSEI AND I AM OBSESSED WITH SEX EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE NOT [shyguy] FORCE YOURSELF TO WRITE A SEX STORY ABOUT ME NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! *PUTS A GUN INTO [ShyGuy]'S MOUTH OVER THE INTERNET!!!!"

and I can tell people don't understand my way of thinking because my Sensei POSTED A SCREENSHOT OF MY SECOND SEX STORY TO THEM. I HATE THAT BECAUSE IT IS OUT OF CONTEXT LIKE I KEPT TELLING THEM. IT MAKES IT LOOK LIKE I wanted to write them a sex story. I ALREADY TOLD THEM BEFORE, how many sex stories do I have to write them before they understand that I HATE sex and sex stories and I'm not utterly obsessed with sex and sex stories like they seem to be (since whenever I asked them about writing a sex story about them and I 100% literally said I DO NOT want to write a sex story about them, but they did not respond to me for 2 months on Tumblr so I assume that means "I DOn'T CARE YOU HAVE TO WRITE SEX STORIES ABOUT ME ANYWAYS" so Iw rote sex stories about them but now people think I'm a pervert even though I hate sex =/

I really think my way of thinking is different from others.. I ate lead when I was a kid because my crib was made of lead.. I couldn't breathe cuz of asthma as a kid cuz my mom chain-smoked and I always had to get shots to open up my lungs and air ways, my mom brings up a lot.. I fell on the back of a cart in a grocery store as a kid and I still have a gigantic huge bump on the back of my head from that.. and I have high-functioning autism so I was always in special ed classes and people made fun of me in school when I went there.. idk if any of those things have anything to do with it..

so yeah I'm confused.. I seem to have a different way of thinking from others, cuz lots of people seem to not understand me at all and people make fun of me..


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*hug I know it's hard for you, that you have a hard time understanding others.
The main problem is that you seem to fill in the blanks and assume people mean the opposite of what they are telling you. For example - why do you think that sending sex stories would suggest to someone else that you are NOT into sex? That's completely backwards.

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