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I have autism and I don't know where to go

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I keep being told I'm a disruptive troll and I got banned from the AspieFriends discord chat, and on the aspergers reddit someone replied to my thread begging for me to get banned from it and people keep saying that I'm a troll when I'm not

I need help and I don't know where to go. I already have a counselor and social services workers I talk to.


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well I want to make people happy and socialize and vent about my problems.

I GOT BANNED FROM THE ASPERGER DISCORD CHAT NOW for "venting and ranting about my problems too much"

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh I keep crying and I told my mom I don't deserve to eat food so I'm not eating anything today


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Go ahead and vent here I will listen and it deffinately won't get u banned . You may not"deserve to eat food" I get that feeling been there ...but......and..... go get a tiny snack or just something small you may not deserve it but just think of it as nutritional substance to keep your strength up to keep posting on here. Cause I will listen . Even if it's broth because technically drinking broth and ant eating


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Hello Shy

Sorry to hear about the other board, they've lost someone great. Here we're willing to listen to you vent as much as you need, so feel free to talk about what's bothering you. As RCee has said, we'll happily listen to you. It's great you want to make people happy and socialise, because we love people like you here.
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