I just lost my father to suicide

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    I am new to forums so I'm not really sure about how threads and all that work yet.
    I needed to reach out to some sort of support network because that's what was suggested I do.
    I just found out yesterday that my father had hung himself. I am still in shock, and still expect to see him again and hear his voice.
    I basically don't know what to do with myself.
    I didn't see him very often because my parents split up long ago. He had a drinking problem but was the most caring and selfless person I have ever met. I think that this world was too cruel for him and he couldn't deal with it anymore.
    So, that is my story.
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    Hello kmartin,
    I lost my 18 year old son to suicide two years ago. It would be his birthday in a couple of days. He was my best friend and we were very close, as one could imagine with a child of that young age. I state this so that you know you're not out there alone. I attended a funeral yesterday for a 15 year old local girl whom I didn't know, but who died by suicide this past week. It was another sad occasion as well. It is all around us and in many cases we all feel powerless on what to do to stop this. There are things you can do though. Speak out and let people know what happened - too many people don't talk about this and so it tends to be treated as shameful or stigmatized through standard beliefs and taboos. Awareness and education is essential in working toward goals to reduce these things from happening. I'm sorry that you had that bad news and I just wanted you to know that I understand how you are feeling. This feeling that comes to those left behind is unlike any other from a loss. Only those of us in our shoes can understand. Hang in there.
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    I'm very sorry to hear about your father. I think shock is a very common reaction to something like this. You don't have to do anything at all right now. :hug: I hope that as some time passes you will keep talking here as much as you want or need to. Sometimes it helps to talk about the person, so if you feel like it, feel free to share memories of your father with us. He sounds like he had some wonderful qualities.

    There are others here who have experienced a similar loss, and I'm sure you can relate to them. Again, I'm so sorry. Know I'm thinking of you.
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    Oh hun hugs to you i too lost someone to suicide and it is devastating It is good you are reaching out hun for support I do hope you have some support in real life as well hun
    Your fathers sounds like such a sensitive soul hun in time perhaps you can share more Just know we care and understand hugs