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I need to go inpatient tonight.


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The A&E or ER department will have someone on staff who will see you. You might have to wait a while, but there are often various members of a crisis team who will come by to help you in ER.


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Otherwise, if you are able to make it to an ER / Hospital on your own, they can do an intake assessment there, by which you can be admitted inpatient. Sometimes, they have a separate triage area, or mental health staff/unit, within the er, to help with determining this, and can then consult either the doctor in the er, or an on call physician (psychiatrist); either way, that is the traditional way, to go in through the er - or if you are feeling stable and safe enough, you can call the inpatient unit at the hospital you plan to attend and they can provide you with additional info. If you don’t have someone who can take yo u, and you don’t feel confident in your abilities to make it there safely, I would do what was said by acy & call an ambulance— good luck!


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Hi, I hope you got the help you needed. There are great suggestions in this thread, pleas be safe *hug


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Let’s hope they’ve taken great care of themselves, and checked themselves in “voluntarily.” I know where I live - you ain’t allow ed a single thing in there with you (including phone!) . :^)
Please someone tell me where to start?!
I have been out of meds for several months since I got laid off and lost my insurance.
Sorry that you're going through this

If you're in the US or Canada, you could try calling 211 for information about getting connected to healthcare.

Agree with @Acy about calling a crisis line or going to the ER if you need to.

Here's a link to the SF resources forum list of crisis telephone numbers for the US
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