I was imprisoned

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I think I briefly mentioned it somewhere, but I spent a night in my childhood home a couple months ago, for the first time in 10 years. It fucked me up. My husband had never been inside. He said seeing my bedroom (which I shared with my two sisters) kinda summed it all up. Hindsight it was actually terrifying. I knew it was small, and after add ons by the original owner it became a central room with no outside view, the old windows just papered over. Seeing it after being gone so long was surreal.
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Then my mom was shit to me about letting my dog in the house because she shed on the wood floor and because my friend got drunk and accidentally lit a cigarette inside... After she didn't tell us the water was off.
She told me she'd help with bus repairs, then after I stayed at the house she never talked to me again. For context on how shit the house is, the years undealt with leak in the bathroom ceiling is now rotted out and effecting the wiring so she disconnected the light, uses one of those $5 push lights from walmart and... Decorated the rotted out ceiling.
I just needed to share that ridiculousness. I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear she didn't actually help with the bus. View attachment 10489


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I'm not even going to attempt a reply at this in the event of saying something really terrible. This makes me just angry. I'm sorry. I hope it does you some good somehow, Sev.


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Hi, so sorry for what you endured and sorry you are left to deal with the memories. ((hugs))
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