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    My counselor today said that this forum was bad for me..i dont understand how that could be. She said that because i have so many problems to undergo that i dont to be influenced by other people nor do i need to hear about other peoples problems that may affect my own. Im so confused. I mean this place is wonderful. it makes me feel so happy knowing that there are other people in the world like me, and that they understand exactly what im going through. *sigh* i dont know what to do...i want to stay but idk if shes wrong about how this doesnt help me...
    What should i do? .... :huh:
  2. twilightki

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    Your counselor only knows these things based on other peoples accounts and studies. If this forum makes you happy, then stay on it. Tell your counselor it really makes you happy, and your general thoughts on it. If he still thinks otherwise, say that you won't go back to the forum, but stay on it anyways. I'd like to think you know your feelings better than any counselor.
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    Thanks. She actually told me that it would be best if i didnt come here..but i am anyway, haha. i love it here. :smile:
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    I understand where she is coming from, if you are staying, which i think you are, then you need to remember not to take on other peoples problems as your own, remember that you are here for support too, dont forget yourself or let other peoples problems effect you too much.

    Take care _%
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    Ally beat me to it... when my counsellor found out... well ok its what started the whole finding out thing, they thought it was good that I went here and stuff... but they warned me not to let other ppls problems become my own... because they said I tended to do that with my parents and such.