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im done

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Im done with this life, im weak, i just found out im going to be a dad in 2 months, im not sure if im getting back together with the mother, i dont know what to do, and i cant live with what ive done in life...


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Even if you don't get back with your GF your son is still going to need you in his life..He needs that male influence.. We all make mistakes but you learn from them..Seek out professional help if need be..


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If you are going to be a dad in a few months, is this something you can hold on to? All of us have done things that have brought us much shame...is there a way to work on forgiving yourself? Also, do you want to share what has gotten you to feel this awful? I am sure there are so many ppl here who will relate and support you...big hugs and stay safe, J
Hi Hidan,

Why don't you share with us what you feel you have done? It DOES make a difference to get off your chest on open forum to a bunch of strangers what you feel you may have done wrong. Since we do not personally know you, you have no way of upsetting us and also we can give you complete objective views and support. Please tell us.

I hope you are ok? The fact you have a child on the way will hopefully give you something to cling to. Children need fathers in their life...you have made a life who will stay with you. This is your chance to pull through.
i drank alot, couldnt hold my temper and was a jerk in general, i dont want my little girl to go through life not knowing what a family is, im not sure if i want to get back with my ex when shes born, she confuses me with her words and im just not sure what to do anymore, i know its weak to look to suicide but i cant cope anymore.
You say that you want to be a father to your child. You also say you might not want to get back with your ex. Those are two clear goals you have set for yourself. Why not make them happen?
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