Im going to share my story... but it is long... Part 1

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TearMyHeartOut said:
I read your story, I think I can honestly say I have never been more touched and more affected by anything in my life. Your story is completly unlike anything I have ever heard. I guess I just wanted to say that, although I can never understand what you have been through, I can tell that you deserve a long a happy life more than anyone I have ever come across.
i agree.
Dead_Alive --

After taking the time to read your story (well worth time) .. I do want to say something, but I sit somewhat speechless.

Perhaps, you are able to see the strength you have to overcome such tribulation and perhaps you are not -- but it screams to me. Your last statement -- Your still suicidal so everything you wrote is stupid --- HOW UNTRUE! That is part of your defenses (my guess) that still allow you to belittle your thoughts and yourself. Your entire story is inspiring and intriguing. I agree when I think you deserve all the happiness in the world -- and if I truly thought a prayer would work -- I would say one on your behalf. Thank you for sharing ... and wow.
very inspirational

I am absolutely speechless after reading your story it is so inspirational and its made me realize that as bad as my life may seem to me there are other people who have it off worse. Thank you for writing this it really helped me understand my life.
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