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I'm just invisible

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by melosine, May 29, 2010.

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  1. melosine

    melosine Active Member

    Anyone felt invisible or was just ignored for the whole day? Well, that was me today. NO one paid any attention to me at all.. I was out with my aunt, people acknowledged there were two people because they said "hey ladies" at the street fair, but they only gave her eye contact and engaged in conversation with her. This makes me wonder, why am I here? What's the point? I'm invisible when it comes to outside and I just cant be here any more. Yet, I still stay. I feel so stupid for it. I always wait to see if it will change but its the the same. Invisible and miserable.
  2. Datura

    Datura Well-Known Member

    A couple years back I was at a venue where bands were playing with my boyfriend and some of his friends. After one band played, they and the rest of us navigated out to the sidewalk and were standing in a circle talking (I wasn't of course, but was listening). The frontman of the band introduced, and shook hands with EVERYONE except for me. Talk about a slap in the face. In hindsight I should've went up to him, shook his hand and said, "Nice to meet you too," then walked off.

    Most people are inconsiderate and oblivious. With luck you'll realize this eventually, and in turn will pay them no mind because they are undeserving.
  3. Ldub20

    Ldub20 Well-Known Member

    Fuck yeah I know what it's like to feel invisible. Because of my disease, I can't engage in conversations as well as others without my disease and struggle in many other areas. I wish like fuck that this wouldn't be the case. The only people who deserve my disease are people who've done humiliated and bullied others to deserve it. Like internet trolls or teenyboppers.
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