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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Invisible Child, Aug 26, 2014.

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  1. Invisible Child

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    I don't know if this is in the right place or not but I'm going to do this anyway in hope that it's ok.

    For all those that have tried to help me over the past few days, I am so very sorry that I have been a pain in the ass. Some I have shared with, some I am trying to avoid for one reason or another. Right now is an extremely difficult time in my life with not so good news from either doctor, talking with a lawyer about divorcing my husband after 20 years of marriage, my daughter's birthday around the corner, the anniversary dates of my two best friends growing that have died. I am past the overwhelm phase in my life and having a very hard time finding any well left to fight any of this. So I am finding myself pushing everyone away because it is all that I have every known. I also feel that I am pissing some off because I have nothing good to say and that they are tired or listening to me whine all the time. Yea, there are people worse then I am but damnit I'm tired. I am not a bad person, I give and think of others before myself and all I want is a hug and to be told " I love and am here for you through this". I am not getting that from people that should be saying it.

    I don't have much fight left in this life and I am so very sorry if I am making everyone feel bad or triggering them.
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  3. Viktor

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    I don't think you are triggering anyone here. I need to talk about my problems a lot too and also need hug and someone who would be here for me. It is hard to face difficult stuff alone. I completely understand that. You don't have to feel bad because of it. It is not your fault. You can talk to me if you want, but i believe everyone here would be willing to listen. Do not give up. Try to reach out for different people on your place, if those around you doesn't want to be there for you. You might find someone who might like you :hug:
  4. SplinterStar

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    people in grief say things they don't always intend. Don't worry about it. I left plenty of stupid "@^%@ YOU" posts while angry over crap before. We just get hurt and lash out. We forgive you.
  5. W Miller

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    Never be sorry for your anguish. I'm sure I'll say some terrible things while here. Hopefully, the staff will have mercy, and give us a break. Reading you posting right now, you are going through a living hell.

    Best Wishes, and, good luck.

    " I love and am here for you through this" ---< I do!

    Be kind to yourself.
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