In Loving Memory of Brian aka Mardivan

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    I hate to inform you all that Brian has passed away. I'm very sorry to all those that have came to know Mardivan over the years. Brian was a great man. I wish I got to know him better. He will be forever missed. It hurts so much. My friend, who was a very dear friend of Brian's received this notice.

    "This is the landlord of Brian XXX, Rebecca XXX. Brian has been staying with us since the beginning of October. I have been making phone calls and am trying to reach all the loved ones of Brian ...
    I'm sorry to have brought you such horrible news. It is not known at this time how Brian passed ... May God be with us all as we grieve his loss.‏ For Brian's friends in Michigan. Sorry it's taken some time to get the following information, it has taken us some time to sort out "

    I'm sorry to that it has taken even longer for this news to reach those that knew him here. His funeral will be held tomorrow.

    Rest in peace, Brian.‏
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    Sorry about your loss.
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    I am sorry you have lost a dear friend. May he rest in peace. Please take care of yourself now, too. :hug:
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    I am so very sorry for your loss, if you need someone to chat with, we are here.