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Inspirational Message

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Have you ever had a dream, a dream that lives in your soul, and hides in your heart? I am sure you have – we all have. As we get older in our lives, and feel the need to grow up and get serious with life’s choices, we sometimes place our dreams high up on a shelf as if to say, "Don't worry, I will be back to get you soon." As time goes on, the person you used to be starts to fade. The fire that ignited your once fantastic childhood dream is barely a flicker. Yet, even the smallest flicker can start a fire - Hope.

I grew up loving Jesus with all my heart. For as long as I can remember, He was my best friend. I was an only child until I was 8 ½ when my sister Jessa was born. So, when there was no one to talk to on those rainy days, Jesus was my confidant. I fell in love with writing when I was very young. I even used to write books about the love of Jesus and read them to the neighborhood kids. That was me, always wanting to share the joy I had with others. At a very young age I had a burning desire to help people. I wanted to inspire others to know the love of Christ as I did. When I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be an inspirational speaker for woman, even if I didn't quite understand what that meant. I knew it was what God wanted me to do.

Then at the age of 17, my whole world fell off its once perfect orbit and spun out of control. My innocence was stolen and my perfect world around me no longer seemed safe. In a flash, who I was and who I was supposed to be, was ripped from my soul. Yet, in my loneliest and darkest hour, He met me there. My one true friend saved me, the way He always said He would. And, with faith as small as a muster seed, God gave me the gift of enormous strength, and still to this day, His strength has pulled me through the deepest of valleys, the highest of mountains and the toughest of times.

My story is about strength and survival. Everyday the world seems to take a piece of us. Sometimes the pieces are ripped out so hard we become afraid of what the world might do to us next. I have learned that it is okay to be afraid. It is okay to make the wrong choice, because God is always there to help you make it right again. And as he does, he creates in you something new, something even better than before.

It is never too late to follow your dream! It is never too late to reclaim the passion that fizzled down. What you don't know is, God never forgot about it! He never did in me. And I am here to tell you that a dream never dies!

At some of the lowest times of my life, it was music that pulled me through. Music is meant for us to cry to, laugh to, sing to, praise to, and dance to. It is the songs of our lives that become a treasure chest of memories; some good, some hurtful, and some unforgettable. I am inspired by so many amazing musicians, like Tori Amos; I can just sit and cry as her words remind me of the dark moments I felt when my world was crumbling down. Nicole Nordeman; who brings me the courage not to try so hard to be perfect, or Cold Play; through their emotional music I was inspired to create my most memorable pieces of art. So, as the book came together, so did my music, in hopes that one day it would inspire others like those who inspired me.

We all have a story, we all have a song. Every day, your book is being written.

-Christa deJarnett

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Thanks for that msg hun i am glad you have your music and your beliefs that have help you stay strong Your msgs is very inspirational indeed hugs
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