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    I recently weened myself off of 60mg of Prozac. I have been diagnosed with severe depression (tried ECT, several SSRIs, etc.), but recently got scared about the detriments of remaining on Prozac for an extended amount of time. I know that the easy answer to my increasing irritability and mood swings is to go back on the anti-depressants, but I at least want to get Prozac entirely out of my system before trying a new drug. I cannot concentrate at all, and suicide consumes my thoughts. I am extremely irritable, and I'm scared that I am going to push people away and eventually harm myself. Anyone else experiencing extreme irritability? Suggestions?
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    Welcome to the forum. Tines are tough for you and you just need to keep posting for support. Well done on weening off the Prozac. A credit to you. In coping with the darkness and irritability focus on exercise which can keep on a positive frame of mind. Alternative is an elastic band to cope with self-harming. If you think of self-harming then pull the elastic band and it helps you forget as the sting hits and makes you forget.

    Just keep posting here as people who are going through the same will help you in your hour of need. Well done in posting here which I know too a lot of courage to do. You will just need to take one day at a time. Please take care of yourself.
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    Maybe call your doctor and ask how long it takes for the prozac to clear your system and let them know how you are feeling otherwise. In the mean time let those around you, be there for you. Let them help you though this, untill you can get on new meds and get stabilized again. :hug:
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