Is anyone else an exercise maniac

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by VALIS, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. VALIS

    VALIS Well-Known Member

    I think I have bulimia but I don't throw up and I wouldn't do that.

    Instead I obsess, and I mean OBSESS, about running 5 miles 5x a week, and the amount I worry and am preoccupied by exercising is directly related to how much I'm eating.

    I fear it's getting worse, I am eating more and increasing the runs to 6 times a week. It's so hard to go out and do things when two hours of my day are devoted to this stretching and running because I feel guilty.
    Since I've adopted this habit of exercising harder to burn any extra calories, my weight hasn't changed, although I'm eating more than I used to when I was running less. It's so expensive and time consuming to eat more and exercise more in response to that.

    Have you ever heard of this?
    Basically I am looking for suggestions on how to balance out my eating/running schedule so I can get rid of the guilt and worry...since I've been running so much I'm also eating a can I get more balance...
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    I used to excersise very much, normally 5 - 6 days a week for several hours a night. I thouroghly enjoyed it, I enjoyed it so much I was a gym & fitness instructor for a few years. Now I'm unfit and do very little excersise.

    Firstly, let me tell you that running 5 miles a night and stretching with that over two hours - is fine. That's not excessive, it's quite active and not a short routine but it isn't OTT. You don't want to do that every day however, and 1 to 2 days rest like you are doing is good, and can be enough if your fitness level decides that's enough time to recouperate.

    Since you are on these forums I would guess you have some level of stress or depression and excercising for a couple of hours a night is a great way to relieve that stress or occupy your mind. You could be doing much worse things.

    Also, you said you are eating more than you used to when you didn't train as much. Well, that's normal too because you need to consume more fuel as you do more runs - they require more energy. Also you raise your metabolism when at rest by excersising too remember.

    You should keep an eye on the types of food you eat though. Everyones metabolism is different, some people can eat a crap load of rubbish and never gain weight, others will struggle with their weight continuously and may well eat alot healthier. That said, if you eat a load of crap it isn't nutritionally as good for you.

    I don't actually know alot about Bulemia, so I'm not the one to give you advice on that. It sounds like you haven't got it. But if you are still worrying about it I would go to the doctor or at least use your internet and read up about it.

    If you are hungry all the time, try and fill up on calorie light foods that make you feel full, like vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses. Another way of doing it is a high protien diet - it's alot harder for your body to store excess protien by converting it into fat than carboyhdrates.

    Hope this helped, and good luck with the training.
  3. low

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    as for balance, it depends on the type of training you do. But...something like normal meal 2 - 3 hours before run. High carb meal asap after run. Normal meal 2 hours after run.

    or if you train later in the day, something to eat 2 - 3 hours before run. Energy drink on finishing run. normal meal after run.

    I say this because:

    you need energy and you'll have a better run with a meal some time before it. But don't run too soon after because you might feel sick, you can also cramp up easier.

    Rushing carbs straight into you after a run and then having a meal a little later is like prioritising energy asap to refuel and then nutrients to repair. Every good book and magazine and person I've spoken to when I was learning this told me this is the best way to do it.

    But try not to over think it or worry on it. Meal > run > carb meal/energy drink > meal.

    You said 5x a week for the run. I don't know if you run straight 5 days on but you are also probably better of something like 3 days on, one day off, 2 days on, one day off for your week.
  4. VALIS

    VALIS Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies, they were very helpful.
    I know I'm not exercising too much. the human body can benefit from hours a day of exercise. God forbid it gets that bad because I've got too much stress from other things taking up all my time

    It's more that I am stressed, just like you say. It's a cycle of worry that has me worried, paradoxically. I need more fuel and the more fuel the more stress and the harder I push myself even in the rain and even while being sick. It's the guilt over the eating that leads to the obsessing over the exercise

    It should be about health and not guilt
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