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It ruins everything

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Insomniac2012, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. Insomniac2012

    Insomniac2012 Member

    My depression is a near constant in my life. Sometimes I handle it better than other times, but its always there. The best way I find to deal with it is by talking to someone that I trust. I have been through many therapists and I just can never open up to them. I never tell them enough to get relief. I trust my girlfriends the most. I can talk to them. But my depression is so overwhelming that they just get fed up and leave. And the friends I don't talk to, I just become so withdrawn and don't spend time with them or talk to them at all. My depression is my own self destruction but its out of control sometimes. I don't know how to find balance.
  2. DeadAlive

    DeadAlive Member

    The problem with talking to friends is that they are not trained to handle the problems you are facing. They get frustrated and leave. That is why it is so important to talk with a trained professional. Try writing a journal and then sharing it with your counselor. That helped me.

    Yes you will open up to a therapist eventually... because if you don't ... you will just dig yourself a deeper hole. And the deeper you go, the darker it gets, and one day you won't be able to see the lifeline dangling in front of you.
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Talk to your regular doc even ok but talk like stated write a journal and give that to your therapist writing down thoughts helps alot it releases some of the sadness inside ok
    It will take a professional to help you so please do not give up on therapy or meds if you are not on them try ok they can help pull you out of that dark hole some hugs
  4. Insomniac2012

    Insomniac2012 Member

    I have been on 3, maybe 2, different meds. The one made me make an attempt and another made me sick physically.
    I do try to keep a journal but I can't explain how I feel even in that. It's not events that I can write down that make me depressed. Its just something inside that makes me feel all my bad feelings, subconsciously.
    I feel worse trying to say events that make me depressed because there aren't very many substantial reasons for me to feel so down. So I feel like I shouldn't be like this. I feel like so many people go through so much more shit than I do and some of those people are happier. I feel bad for feeling down, and it becomes a cycle.
    I am at college, I should talk to the school therapist... but I just don't feel safe talking in full detail. They can't tell anyone unless they feel like they have to, and I feel like if I explain how severe this is they will tell someone.
  5. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Depression does not need a reason to show itself hun it could be all chemical inbalance diet exercise talking to someone helps It takes many tries before finding the right med that will work hun so many new ones o ut there. Do talk to your councilor ok you do not have to go into the details just tell them youare suffering from depression and need someone to talk to hugs
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