It's been so long p, but it feels like yesterday

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Ty Ty, Oct 28, 2015.

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    A few years ago I entered what would become a very serious relationship, only for love to die out in a similar way to the rest of us: inevitably and painfully. Things were basically great until they weren't, and she started making fun of me and acting disappointed when my anxiety would hold me back from going out and doing all the things she wanted to do. Things got bad, and then much worse. I still can't help but feel like I said and did awful things to make her turn against me both as a friend and as a lover. I suppose these things happen, but I still feel the emotional scars from being a bad partner and I honestly don't feel like I'm capable of love any longer.
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    Ty Ty, I am sorry for the loss that you have suffered, I was not there so I can not say who did what, I just see the results of part of it here! Some one that has loved and lost that Love, for more reasons then you know I believe! It takes more then one person to love, it takes more then one to dissolve it, If you were having Anxiety attacks an she was making fun is that your fault, I think not but I am not here to talk about blame an who did what, that is in the past. Yea you have scars but You also had good times fun times Happy times too. You still love, I believe that you still can be loved an Love back. I know that you love that sweet lil kitten in that pic that you display so proudly, Yes I know it is a different kind of love but is still Love. It is love in it purest form, that little Kitten, she does not know love but she gets loved an I am sure she loves you as well as only a kitten or a cat can. They don't know what it is called but she reflects that love back to you! You can Treat yourself as well as you treat hat kitten that is the least you can do for yourself!
    Take Care of You and That Kitten Be as gentle to yourself as you are that kitten! You deserve it, you need it!