Jim's Café - Saturday 6th August

Discussion in 'Jim's Cafe' started by Rockclimbinggirl, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Rockclimbinggirl

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    Morning all. I am opening the café today. On the menu today is chocolate milk. It is make your own breakfast today.

    Hope everyone has a good start to the weekend.
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  2. SinisterKid

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    Doing chores is never a good start to any day. But they are done, vodka is cold and the sun is shining. So I have no idea what to do now. Thinking movie, but not sure what to watch. My lass will be home soon, so I have managed to navigate the day and keep safe, so hopefully we can both sit down and watch something we will both enjoy and then have something to eat.

    Have a great weekend fellow tea drinkers [trying to keep the boss happy] drink lots of tea, make lots of tea and drink more tea, the more tea the merrier, maybe even have a tea party, with lots of cups of tea? Have all your friends and family over for tea with lots of tea and scones, but make sure theres plenty of tea in the pot because some people drink lots of tea, like I do [see boss] because, unless its Earl Grey [splutter] we should all drink more tea.
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  3. baywasp

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    They gave me the wrong food at the convenience store and I didn't notice until I got home. It's still good stuff and I got more than I ordered. I'm not going back because I don't wanna bug them. I hope whoever's food I got figured out the mistake before they left so they can get what they want instead of my onion rings. Besides that, I'm probably going to contact the lady whose room I saw and let her know I got my student ID and am still interested in the room. But I'm really nervous to do that for some reason.
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  4. __d

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    You made my day mate! Thank you :)
  5. cymbele

    cymbele SF Supporter

    @baywasp I understand the nervousness part. I hope you get the room.

    It's really hot and humid here. Going to go watch the new Star Trek with my daughter. It's nice that she wants to do things with me even though she is all grown up and living elsewhere. Other than that the day will be quiet and boring. I have all my chores save one done. And that I can postpone until tomorrow. Or next week - whatever. One can do that when one is living alone.
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  6. __d

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    call her :)
  7. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I didn't do very much today, just drank way more than I needed to. Too stressed lately and wanted to forget it all.