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Jim's Café - Thursday 16th June 2016

Discussion in 'Jim's Cafe' started by Butterfly, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    Morning guys!!

    I'm at work currently sat with a latte waiting for my crazy day to start. I'm in both A&E and MAU today so it will definitely be mad but interesting!

    Hope everyone has a good day!
  2. Rockclimbinggirl

    Rockclimbinggirl SF climber Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Good morning Café

    @Butterfly what is MAU? A latte, what about your tea?

    I have a appointent today and group counselling this afternoon. It is nice and sunny here.
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  3. baywasp

    baywasp The crappiest rugger

    Still doing fine. Can't wait to get my dressings off though. They're starting to really bug me.
  4. Brian777

    Brian777 Safety and Support SF Artist SF Supporter

    Hey everyone hope you are all doing well :) woke up to weather warnings for the area, thunderstorms. Just had a heavy one go through, but it seems to have cooled everything off nicely. Not too motivated to do anything yet, maybe later.
  5. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    @Rockclimbinggirl MAU is the Medical Assessment Unit. All medical admissions go there for assessment. We also have a Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU) for surgical admissions for assessment. I hope your appointments go well.

    @baywasp what surgery did you have? I hope you get the dressings off soon. It would drive me mad!

    @Brian777 it's storming again here now. There was some sunshine earlier and it was warm but it's miserable again now.

    It was a really good and interesting day today. I have also got my nurse bank activated so I can do some shifts on the nurse bank to gain experience in different areas.
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  6. Freya

    Freya Loves SF Staff Member ADMIN SF Author

    Howdy cafe peeps!

    @Rockclimbinggirl hope your appointment went well!
    @baywasp I am glad that you are recovering well - sorry about the dressing issue. But itching is meant to signify healing so at least that is good!
    @Brian777 did you get motivated to do anything?
    @Butterfly I can't believe you let the cafe run out of chocolate cake. Seriously? I come in here for cake and there are only cookies left? Tut.

    I hope everyone is having a good day - I am absolutely exhausted and seriously considering going to bed with my book now and trying to pack in a 10 hour sleep before having to get up. Its a bit optimistic but worth a try!
  7. Rockclimbinggirl

    Rockclimbinggirl SF climber Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    @Freya @Butterfly yes it went well. He was pleased with how I am doing.

    On my way to group counselling. Why do buses always run late.:mad:
  8. baywasp

    baywasp The crappiest rugger

    I had a surgery to fix a deformity on my chest. AFAIK the dressings come off next week.

    I went out for the first time since my surgery. I decided to go to a milk tea/snack place Google says is 0.3 miles away from my place. I had some milk tea with boba (which I had been craving) and fish sticks, but now I'm pretty tired out and my stomach hurts a little. I probably shouldn't have had fried food, but I've just been wanting to try out their fish sticks for a while. Probably I should take it a little easier.
  9. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    Hey everyone. Today I went to a music concert downtown. There is one every Thursday. I remembered to wear sunscreen because my shoulder looks like a zombie bit it, lol.
  10. Inanimate

    Inanimate Well-Known Member

    Another pointlessly unproductive and shitty day, but tomorrow I actually do stuff -- and the next day. Having a bit of a lapse regarding my diet because my parents aren't here to buy healthier food, but that should change this weekend or the beginning of next week. I actually thought this would be a better week without my parents being here, but it's like everyone else became shittier to compensate, or maybe that's what they're like when I spend more time with them. My brother has urged me to try to become closer with everyone and be more involved, but I really don't see how that benefits me. The way I see it, whenever I move out, my place won't be somewhere close to home, nor will I make much of an effort to keep in contact. There's a reason why I was never that close with them in the first place, and there's a reason why I feel alone around them. It's not like I need them to aid my recovery. I don't need them, at least not forever.

    Anyway, my toenail is indeed ingrown again, so tomorrow I'm visiting the doctor that performed the surgery for that reason. Should be interesting.