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Jim's Cafe 1st March 2018

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oww! yea, Mr. Karmit XD thank you for opening the cafe for the 1st March, 1st day of the month (eek!) ~
what is st. David's day? *confused x)

gonna post this march photo challenge :)

1st day up, it's "yellow" ~
yellow duckie.jpg yellow hedge.jpg yellow sub.jpg

kinda reminds me of someone x) (@gazjustgaz @Karmitkurmit) and everyone in the SF submarine, err i mean family xD

extras : (drinks are yellow) ~
d1.jpg d2.jpg d3.jpg
Thanks for the tag @Karmitkurmit and for the photograph inspiration @yonk....as yellow is one of my favorite colors....thought would share photos of spring daffodils....

tagging @Angel368 @charley spring @Petal @Acy @may71 @dugga @Lulabelle @walkerbait95 @A guy with feelings @Miss black @Aj q8 @Jazlyn @Citizen Insane @Kira @nobodyknows71 @Brian777 @Leav @Freya @JmpMster @Cagla @Anne Charlotte @na-taya @sassy123 @Sunday16 @Fudgewobble @SillyOldBear @texaskitty and one and all...hope that you are having a good day/evening/morning.....


I know the world turns and it will turn on me
It's rainy. I had to go out to get my bus pass and a folder to turn in my work. I also went to my neighborhood bakery an bought a mini apple pie and a cheesecake bite. I should really be finishing off my homework now, but I really don't feel like it. I'm just under the covers listening to the rain. Took off my wet clothes and got back into my pajamas.


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Something yellow ... I'm going to run with it. Today was anything but sunny here, so I could use a little yellow in my life. So many versions of yellow, which to go with? How about all of them.
IMG_0679 all the yellow crayons.JPG

Take care my friends.
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