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Jim's Cafe 27 March 2021

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-the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common- The Dictionary


-Having a place that one belongs to and somewhere one can feel included- My personal interpretation

This forum means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.
And we all have our reasons for logging on each day.

But no matter those reasons. One thing I hope everyone can agree on is that this is a community, of different individuals from different countries, walks of life, ages, believes, ideas and identities, but above all a place that is always welcoming to all

And we have everything you could possibly ask for

  • We have compassionate members
  • We have storytellers
  • We have those that make us laugh
  • Those that listen
  • Some that sing (check out the lonely thread )
  • We have the supporters
  • The carers
  • And let's not forget the wise
  • We have members with all of life's experiences
  • And members that are just starting out
  • And we have friends
  • Leaders
  • And those we are still getting to know

So I only have one task from everyone today.

Choose two people each, someone that means a lot to you helped you through a difficult time, made you laugh, feel important or just listened and leave them a hug or a message if you prefer.

And if you want a hug or a nice message and you have not got one yet. Just say hey and I'm sure one will be along soon enough

Secondly, send a hug to someone that maybe you haven't directly spoken to before but seen around. Could be a message instead up to you. Let them know they have been seen.

And I know some people are shy so I am giving a few ideas you can use for messages.

  • I love your posts around the forum
  • Thank you for always making me laugh
  • (insert name) I hope you are having a beautiful day today
  • You always make me smile
  • Or maybe just a how are you.

I hope that's not a stupid idea.

And one question for everyone.

You can make a dessert choosing only five ingredients what would those ingredients be.

To demonstrate I will go first

@Citizen Insane , thank you for always making me laugh

@Lux , I am obsessed with your stories, I still remember Gary, I often retell them to my sisters or anyone else who will listen.

Five ingredients for my ultimate dessert.

  1. Pancakes
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Bubblegum ice cream
  5. With licorice all sorts
Weird I know.

And thank you again for allowing me this opportunity to open the Cafe once again.

@Dinolaur @bubblebear @Dante


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A hug for all, all who need or want one...

A Hug.jpg

Oddly, but I have sent a few messages out here recently in the past week or so to some who seemed down or felt bad so they know that I listen, and they are important and the best for them in their lives.

5 ingredient dessert...butter kuchen, butter cake is one I make at times and great for those that love butter. LOL


I did cheat with a 6th ingredient but you have to have the butter. :) After that you can add things like cinnamon or other if you like to your taste.


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Thanks for the tag @Harrow :)

I'd struggle to pick out just two members as everybody here contributes to this place. There are people here who have been by my side from the day I arrived. Some people have come and gone and others have just arrived. All are special *hug

5 ingredients for a dessert?
Mascarpone cheese

I came across this clip of a donkey yesterday and I can't stop laughing at it *hysterical


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Too many people I'd wish to thank so I'll choose a couple who've been great support recently. @Sassy the Wonderful Cat thank you for being a listening ear to my rants on bad day and helping me to settle down. @SleepyOwl thanks for all our adventures sailing, hard not to smile when we are together. @SillyOldBear thank you for looking for me when you are online and showing your concern despite your own physical issues.

Struggling to come up with someone new might pop back later when I've had time to think about it.
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