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  1. baywasp

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    I'll get this started significantly earlier than yesterday's cafe thread. On the menu today is omelets, or I think I still have some sandwich fixins from yesterday if you'd prefer.

    Still morning here. Not much has gone on yet, but I think I have a test/quiz in my political science class today. Couldn't quite understand what my professor said about when it'd be because he talks too quietly. No rugby practice today. People haven't been able to show up much for Wednesdays, so it's rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30. Not sure if that's permanent or not, but I liked last week's early morning practice (plus last week I got kudos for being devoted enough to show up despite having to wake up really early since I was far away. Doesn't have to happen this week since I'm staying downtown.)

    I hope everyone has a good day and is successful in all their endeavors.
  2. betteroffunknown

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    Sadly, I've started the day out annoyed as fuck. The friend who came over to 'bitch' last night decided to sleep on my couch even though he has his own place! Before all that he said he was tired, and ended up taking a nap on my couch. He woke up, and was up for a while and still decided to crash on my couch for the night. He snores, too, so that didn't help my falling back to sleep this morning. He finally just woke up thanks to my dog (after nearly 9hrs of sleep), and said he's still tired and is going to be slow about waking up. :mad:

    I have a therapy appt today, and as I stated yesterday it's going to be a doozy. I know she's not expecting what I'll be sharing, but why should she when this is only the 2nd time we've met on an individual basis? (She's also the facilitator of a group I go to.)

    Other than these things, which is probably more than enough, I just have a couple errands to run. sigh

    Despite my current mood, I still hope ya'll have a lovely and productive day!!
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  3. DrownedFishOnFire

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    Woke up in panic thinking I overslept for a doc appt scrambling looking for the calendar that had the appt and address then checked my calendar whew its next month.

    Fall is officially here. I'm already missing the heat of summer. I'm shivering thinking maybe I need to start looking for thermal socks and then was wondering if shivering means I'm burning up more calories to stay warm?
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    IMG_4753.JPG IMG_4753.JPG
    Hey everyone, today and for the next three.....we're having rain, rain and more rain ☔️ but I think me and Bella will go to the woods anyway, it may be sheltered under the trees and it does sound nice, the rain falling on the trees. Hope everyone gets through their day and that something good happens to you.
    Hugs my friends
  5. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I have to take the drug test early tomorrow. So I have to wait until they get the results to move forward with employment. Hope all goes well.
  6. baywasp

    baywasp The crappiest rugger

    Met with a potential roommate tonight. He seemed cool. I'm hoping I get this room. It's only $300 and in a reasonably convenient part of the city. Probably visiting Saturday unless I can figure out a way not to miss my rugby game. It's a daytime game in Ohio, so that'd be hard. He can meet on Friday instead, but my counselor wants to come too, and I doubt she can do Friday.