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Jim's weekend cafe (Saturday 22nd August-Sunday 23rd August)

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Welcome to the cafe ladies and gentlemen. I hope you are all enjoying a sneakily lazy weekend and hope wherever you are the sun is shining and you feel good and happy. I love these kind of pics, what are your fave kind of pictures?

1598123579685.png 1598123634225.png 1598123654332.png

Here is a tasty bite after a night out on the town... do you like going out on the weekends or are you more of a home-bird? What is a perfect weekend for you?

1598123744393.png 1598123755641.png

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good afternoon @Champagne its 3:46 pm atm. and thanks for opening the café and inviting me. (would have snuck in anyway - but you already know that, right? 😜!!!)

I love these kind of pics, what are your fave kind of pictures?

these pictures are great, i especially also love food and the siberian terrain and places on other planets. i also love imagery of dandelions and extraterrestrials. but there is much more as long at it conveys beauty as my eye beholds.

do you like going out on the weekends or are you more of a home-bird?

i would love going out but i’d need money to make it be a happy experience. this is in part because i don’t know how to just go out and have fun. it is also because i unfortunately have expensive taste. but i also have difficulty because my hips and connected adjacent areas of my body become so achy after a 15 minute sit that i don’t think i can do it at all anymore. so home bird it is i guess or home et anyway.

What is a perfect weekend for you?

so a perfect weekend must include no pain with no pain relievers necessary. but it also involves being the me i really am and no more pretend and no more dissociation and no fear of being who i actually am. then i’d also have to be surrounded with accepting loving family and lots of delicious food and drink. and a ride home after by someone who can enjoy the time out and stay awake driving home. is this reachable?

as ever, hoping all are finding their little bits of happy here and there and allowing more to trickle in. 🌞😻😊


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My perfect weekend would be heading to the beach with my friends and our dogs. Having a long walk, a paddle, an ice cream and a sunbathe. Then either have a BBQ on the beach or wander along to a nice pub for dinner before heading home and looking forward to a long lie in and a lazy Sunday.


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Ty @Champagne for the "special mention"! :D :) *hug I feel especially special now lol I was prob. gonna post in here anyway but when I'm tagged then I will definitely always come in & at least say ty for the tag ;) :)
Ok well now I will answer the q's you asked, tysm for opening the cafe too & love those beautiful pix, love those kinds of pix too & also of art, cats/animals, nature (esp. trees, flowers, water, clouds/sky, rainbows, landscapes, seascapes, anything unique or interesting really) and also these kind too of course ;) ❤ ❤ ❤


Ok now my answers to the other q's too :)

Do you like going out on the weekends or are you more of a home-bird?
Home bird, definitely! :)

What is a perfect weekend for you?

Hmm, perfect? Like absolutely, completely ideal, where $ wasn't a concern at all? Hmm well heck it would be a very awesome weekend indeed then cos it would involve taking a plane to Hollywood & going to the walk of fame to look at a certain person's star (doesn't matter who although I'm sure from the pic I posted above that maybe it's quite obvious anyway lol), then going to San Fran to go over the Golden Gate bridge, then going to the Redwoods forest to take some pix & buy LOTS of cool souvenirs for me, my mom, sis, friend & all the people here who have ever been nice, kind and/or caring to me in some way cos I appreciate those here who are nice, VERY much! :) Oh and I'd be staying in 5 star hotels and eating at 5 star restaurants too for that most perfect & excellent weekend too of course! :)

And if you mean a more regular, non-rich person kind of weekend, then just chilling at home w/ my kitty (or friend, or both, lol) watching SW is quite nice & enjoyable as well! :)
Oh I have some people I thought of for tagging too - @Kiwi2016 @KM76710 @Kira @Road to Nowhere @Juella @MisterBGone @KindaOtiose @foreverforgotten (Hope all these tags will go through!) :)


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This is my ideal weekend, I am making it come true as we speak. I get out of bed at 1:30 am. I mess around on Facebook for an hour or so. I take my friend/roommate to work at 3:am. I do my laundry, done by 6 am. I burn down the internet for a few hours. I work on my car; the tailights aren't working and I need to find out why. Working on my car requires several beers. I take a nap. At 12:30 pm I pick up my friend at work. We go to Chili's Bar & Grill and eat a steak dinner with a double of Maker's Mark whiskey. We come home and sit in the garage smoking cigars and drinking Glenlivet 14 and shooting the breeze. THe rest of the night I will watch a movie and relax with some more beer and Yukon Jack. Tommorrow will be more of the same.


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Thanks for the tag @Champagne
My favorite pictures are of things I like most of the time, like my favorite foods or athletes or whatever. For example one of my classes is going to be using a website/app called Padlet to post bulletin boards and after mentioning my love of sports in my introductory post, I included a picture of Son Heung-min and Dele Alli doing their special handshake.
I like to go out some (but not like partying, more like going out to eat), and I like to spend some time of the day at home too.

A perfect weekend (that's doable, once things start to open back up) would be in winter. I'd go to the pub to watch Spurs play an early game (and win handily), having some brunch while watching. Then since the win was so great and exciting, we'd take a supporters club picture outside the front of the pub. Afterwards I'd go home, watch Youtube and maybe nap a little, and just hang out, then maybe go out to dinner with a few friends or something. And then the next day there can be a Capitals game, and they'd win too.
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