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    yeah, well, coming on three years man
    umm, i couldn't find a post for you
    and i won't go back to the old one due to comments made to me in private, by those who just don't get it

    Hey John, where is J's post? We can delete mine if you find it and link me.
    (i miss jaimie) :sad:

    anyway, yeah, just reflecting for today
    i miss you
    i miss so many different things lol
    *pokes you
    i don't miss your headaches, despair, or sadness
    i don't miss some of our talks
    but i miss other things...
    things that still make me smile when i reflect, i do miss those things
    and talking to you on your long drives, those i miss...not so much some
    of the content though...but You, i do miss.


    i am still gonna punch you for that one move though...that was low, but i still love you always.


    Quick...go look at the moon
    we can both look
    :( but it was raining
    and i felt panic
    because i couldn't find it

    should of used my other eyes, huh?

    damn, so much desperation, compromise...damn fellow.
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    so strong
    so so strong

    yet, i quickly learned to keep track of when bedtime or morning was...
    you would lose it...
    i think then, your vulnerability showed

    so many good people have danced into my life,
    and so quickly they go :(
    after having made just a little space
    huh, best not continue this, huh

    ...your vulnerability
    perhaps had i guarded my compassion,
    and pursued your vulnerability
    used those spurs, huh? lol I sux as a horse-person
    you got pretty messed up there too man, a wee bit harsh,
    but i understand, unfortunately, i understand...no judgments (hug)
    would you have reconsidered?
    Would something have been found there, enough for you to focus on, to keep you around a bit longer?
    yeah, sadly i doubt it, but i still don't understand where they came from
    where is Jaimie when i need her?
    ...or this one's on Jo :sad:
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    i cant find it either. maybe a mod can find it. i miss joel.