Joy of Innocence

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    Come dance with me in the rain
    Just forget about looking insane
    Let the music soothes your pain
    And fly with me like paper planes

    Come play with me like little kids
    Just remember we were like this
    Let its joy shower you with bliss
    Then cherish the times you miss

    Come glow with me under the sun
    Just take my hand and we will run
    Let your worries go, just have fun
    Then be happy as we run and pun

    Come sing with me under our tree
    Just remember we were born free
    Let us sing with pleasure and glee
    And happiness for you and for me

    Come and talk about the old days
    Just let it take your heart faraway
    Let the colours and rainbows stay
    And let it remain forever this way

    Come with me and be naive again
    Just ignore reality for another day
    Let the memories ignite the flame
    And hope it last forever and a day