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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by col692, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. col692

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    I have been in and out of the mental health care system on and off for 12years for depression, low mood, self harming and drug and alcohol abuse, I have just been given a diagnosis of bpd..... but this has just caused even more disruption to my life and I really need some experienced advice on how to self manage myself and get back to some "normality' again!!! In the last 3 months I have been in complete self destruction mode, I've lost my long term partner, contact with my children, I've ended up in trouble with the law for lashing out in anger and have to attend two court dates next week! I've just lost my job in which I was a duty manager for a large pub chain and that is going to mean that I won't be able to afford my house, I've already attempted suicide twice thus calendar year, once wrist cutting and overdose, and an unsuccessful hanging attempt. I just want to feel like I can cope but until I do I just seem to be digging a bigger and deeper hole for myself!!!
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    The best way to manage your illness hun is to get some therapy DBT or CBT a therapist that can help you with your anger outburst your self distruction hun I am sorry you have lost so much because of your illness but you can regain control hun and hopefully get contact back with your children again hugs
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    Learning to recogonize that YOU are not your illness and BPD like any other mental health condition can be managed is very important. Your story sounds similar to mine just under two years ago. The first thing that worked for me was getting to a good psychiatrist/APRN who can help prescribe you medications that can help to lessen the anger/mood swings. Second find a good therapist who is trained in either/or both DBT and CBT. Third if you can join a DBT skills group. In this group you will hopefully learn the coping skills to not only manage your self destructive behaviors but your life. Fourth educate yourself not only about BPD but any other mental health conditions you may have. Recognize and be able to verbalize your symptoms so that you can learn what tools will help you manage them. There have been some good memoirs that have come around in the last few years about people who have been diagnosed and have gone into recovery about BPD. Finally give yourself a break! Recovery from any mental health condition is not a linear line and you will have steps backward, but they dont have to have the devestating consequneces as they may have now. Be patient and take good care of you!
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