Just diagnosed BPD. Coming off Quetiapine/going on Lamotrigine.

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by feathers, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. feathers

    feathers Well-Known Member

    Okay my official diagnosis is Borderline Personality Disorder but pretty certain I have Bipolar II as well but my psych seems to think not... I have severe depressive episodes that last 4-5 months and have had episodes of what I believe to be hypomania... I get:

    - High Energy Levels
    - Unrealistically High Self Esteem
    - Inability to sit still
    - Rapid speech
    - Hypersexuality
    - Increased Motivation
    - Decreased Need For Sleep
    - Short Attention Span

    The Quetiapine also completely got rid of both the depression and the hypomanic symptoms, which adds to my suspicions that I'm BPII.

    My psych even said that everything I described was textbook Bipolar so I don't really understand why she doesn't think I have it...

    Coming off Quetiapine I am hoping that I will lose weight... I am currently taking 600mg in 150mg tablets. Have people lost weight easily coming off Quetiapine? Also has anyone put weight on with Lamotrigine? The sleepiness and the weight gain are the reasons I'm coming off Quetiapine in the first place and I'm hoping I will lose a fair bit of weight when I finally come off it...

    Also what is it like adjusting back to sleeping unmedicated? I can get to sleep on 150mg as long as I take it early enough, but how easily will it be to go from 150mg to 0? My psych said that Quetiapine is less sedative as the dosage gets higher? I think that's #######4, I get knocked out more with 600mg of it than I do with 50mg of it...

    What are all experiences with Lamotrigine? Like I asked, weight gain? It put my BPII ex in hospital as he got that rare rash disorder, so he wasn't on it long enough for me to really get a good picture of what it's like. I've read that it's the first choice and most effective medication for BPII so my hopes are high for it. Just hoping to get rid of the heavy sedative and the weight gain!

    Any experiences from those with BP, BPD or DID welcomed!

    Kaz x
  2. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    I've been on and off Quetiapine the past 18 months or so (due to mania making me think I don't need meds). Lost about a stone in weight. Also sleep was difficult the first couple of weeks but when I just relaxed and stopped worrying about sleep I was able to sleep normally.
  3. Katii

    Katii Well-Known Member

    I was on Quetiapine - They also said i had BPD (which later on i got ""tested"" by a specialist who says only traits) i can't remember exactly what dose (around 400mg) & i put weight on like a trooper! was like 10kg in 2 months, which for a person with an eating disorder doesn't go down well.. So soon as i left hospital i stopped the meds straight away, which the doctors weren't pleased about as supposed to be gradual. I've been off Quetiapine for about 8 months & still finding it hard to drop the weight. Lost about 8kg in that time. Trying to sleep the first few nights was awful, didn't get any.

    As for Lamotrigine, i was on for a year in hospital. It reallly really helped me quite abit, controlled my mood swings alot better than they had been, but not fully. After about 5 months it was like it stopped working for me? But i experienced no weight gain. Only issue i got was involuntary movements(legs twitching etc)? Then in the second hospital they stopped it all together (with other meds aswell=wouldn't prescribe them) it wasn't great, i could look at anyone straight all i could see was the ceiling. That lasted for about 2 months(worst part) Caused awful headaches with my eyes keep rolling up & straining to bring them down.. sounds daft lol!
    Goodluck :) Katie x
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