Just letting out some steam and abit of sadness

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So I'm just ranting. Bullying was a major thing in my life you could say when I was young. I'm not going to go into great detail but when I think about my younger years (Year 7 and below) it makes me really sad. I don't understand how I coped through all that, and why I was picked on so much. It made me do some pretty fucked up things (which I don't do anymore) but I still can never be comfortable looking how I do. I always dream that I'm a different person, that I look different, had a different past etc. It has quite scarred me mentally but I'm getting past it. I just will probably always only trust myself but that's fine. Thankyou for listening.


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I hear you. Bullying does leave mental scars, through no fault of our own. It's foolish when people say, "don't take the bullying seriously," or "it shouldn't bother you so much." Going through bullying does traumatize people, and we are left wondering why it happened to us.

I hope you're doing well now and can get some peace. remember that it takes more strength to cope with all of that and be where you are today.
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