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    So like a lot of depressed individuals I am able to sleep as often as I want. I can sleep whenever I want where ever I want. I told my 6 doctors this (over the course of 7 years) and no one has seemed to been able to help. I approached my psychiatrist about it and like all of them I bumped heads with him. instead of trying to help me stay awake i was prescribed anti depressants that have qualities of sedatives to help me sleep better. thinking that if i stop having night mares i will sleep better and not be as tired. Well, I still have nightmares (granted, i havent been taking them long enough, only a week off and on because of a bad sleep schedule) and i am still waking up exhausted. I am on the border of even asking for stimulants so I am not tired all day. something to give me motivation. in lieu of this miracle drug I have told my docs that I ingest stupid high amounts of caffeine to stay awake around a 900 miligrams throughout the day. no one cares. I cut back and I am even less motivated than normal. the newest doctor of mine is helping guide me in correcting this issue. using EMDR to help stop nightmares. although we have not started yet I am super excited that he actually listened to me. too bad he isnt an actual "counselor" (social worker).
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    Hi there,

    I wasn't familiar with EDMR, I have just googled it and see it's a fairly new treatment. It actually sounds really good, I am going to check if they have that in my area. A consultant psychiatrist told me before there is no medication to stop nightmares, so maybe this type of treatment was brought out for that (some people on this forum have bad issues with nightmares too) so if it does help you I am sure it will give hope to others. Stay super excited and hope for the best and do your best and social workers are well trained too in my opinion, but I get what you mean, it is easier to relate to a counselor.

    best of luck to you :hug: