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    I was bullied a lot in school - and through all years of school. Honestly, I wish I can go back & fix it all...but I bet everyone does. XD

    And what what pissed me off the most is when I was getting bullied in class, the teacher would notice, would see it happening, and wouldn't do anything about it at all - not even tell them to stop, or at least divert them by saying 'pay attention' or something...

    And also, I use to even get bullied by teachers. God, I wish I could've dome something about it...but I was too afraid to, because at the time, I was afraid of all authority figures, even my parents, and I didn't even know that they could get in trouble because of it. :(
    And when I told on someone for bullying me (and I did this only once,) nothing happened, and I was bullied twice as bad because of that.

    And here I am, regretting that I never did anything, and feeling sorry for myself. -_-

    But, there are a few things I'd like to share, which I believe was...pretty well timed.

    A few years ago, my library teacher did something awful to me (pulled me by my hair because I couldn't see the sign above the computer on how to log in,) and later did something terrible to my sister (gave her a magazine on losing weight, when she obviously has issues with that)...

    Well, I forgave her, because there's no reason to hold a grudge on a person who has died...(a heart-attack or something.)

    And the one time my brother & I ended up in a Juvenile jail-place (or detention center, whatever you call it) in GA when we were 13, because we accidentally trespassed in a abandoned shed, which we thought didn't belong to anyone / no 'No Trespassing' signs or property lines...and not one house in sight...
    Plus, the officers did a bunch of unnecessary things, like shoot off their gun (when we were on our way back home, which scared the shit out of us, because we knew what gunshots sounded like,) they threatened to shoot our dog, because it was out in the back yard, doing absolutely nothing aggressive - they pointed their guns at my older brother & forced him to get on his knees...it was just cruel & unnecessary, in my opinion.
    They also left my brother & I in different squad cars for an hour, while they were in a fucking gas station, probably making up a shit story or something...

    The cops convicted us of a number of things we didn't even do, plus damages that were natural, like the door hanging off of a hinge because the wood was rotting at its hinges.
    So, we were sent to Juvi.
    Then the next day, we were cuffed and shackled, to go to court, like we were serial killers or something. We were 13! >:/ And they denied doing anything wrong.

    But! Not even a few months later, after we were back in IL, we hear a story on the radio that cops from that exact area had a shoot-out, with each other!!!

    I just thank God for giving me signs, & letting me know he's keeping justice in this world, even if it takes a long time. :3
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