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Lack of


University Student
Hiya all,

I am really struggling st the moment, everything is okay in terms of my course despite being on zoom until December and then placement but I am finding that lacking enjoyment in other daily life activities such as watching my favourite films, tv shows and even music the things I really enjoy. I just want to go to bed even though my day has been great doing zoom lectures.

Another two hours to go and I can finally nod off and forget my brain tonight, usually I enjoy a nice film or boost on telly but I just feel nothing at all, what the fuck shall I do for the next 2 hours. Try snd make myself watch a tv show, a fillm that would probably sleep through..

Human Ex Machinae

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If what you want is to go to bed then, why not? We should do what we want, right? Maybe watching tv shows and movies was something that really satisfied you when you were younger, but you're older now. You aren't that person anymore, and that's ok, it's a natural progression.


University Student
Hi, things are still struggle (symptom wise) at the moment with the depression, i am thinking of speaking to my CPN today to see if she can assist me?

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