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    Just to let you know that lampoonland passed away after taking his own life. I think that he mostly went in the chat room. He had a very funny sense of humour and was caring and sensitive.
  2. jxdama

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    when did this happen? im sorry to hear this. i saw him in chat sometimes but didnt converse too much.
  3. Sadeyes

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    Jo was a very talented musician who I was beginning to know around the Christmas holiday (approximately two weeks before he died). He stated in chat that he presumed that he would not receive any Christmas presents so I sent him a visual tour of New York City, a place he had wanted to visit. In return, he had planned on writing me a song...I guess I will have to wait a while...but when and if I see him again, I will remind him.
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  4. total eclipse

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    I am sorry to hear this
  5. 41021

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    ya man,
    all the time, ya know?
    we talked about that :(

    started a thread for you way back so, yeah.
    all stands i suppose

    heh, can i talk to you tonight lol
    i'm going to try or i may lose my mind

    last words man, last words,
    that sadness...
    my mind floats away
    recalling your description of it
    i was not anticipating that
    fuck but down and dirty with that, huh?
    yeah, covered in mud, naked to the core
    stars in those eyes, wtf?

    *hobbles off to ponder

    this isn't good, huh
    yeah, ((hug))
    love you man
    heh, yeah, and i know you do as well lol