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Life hacks & tips


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I wanted to try something... and please tell me if this is the wrong place to put the thread or is an unwanted one.

As a young adult, transitioning from the teen/school phase to adulthood and adult responsibilities, I've had to learn a lot on my own. No one has been there to teach me these things. Don't misunderstand me, life is a learning experience but I thought a simple thread about simple life hacks and tips might be useful for those transitioning into adulthood with little help.

It's not going to be life altering but it will keep those little pesty nuisances at bay. The ones that build up fast and ruin your day..

So if you have any useful tips or life hacks that you've learned please feel free to post... it would look something like this.

p.s. they can be silly too :P

-Microwave instructions always lie. Get to learn your microwave/appliances sometimes have their own character :P--- inspired by the pizza I just burned.

- If you get an auto related ticket for something you think you didn't do and you can't pay the outrageous fee attached to it, you can fight it in court and will most likely win, especially if a first time offense. (This is in the U.S.)


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These aren't useful tips per se but rather little things I've picked up along the way. I feel like I could list a hundred.

*There is always someone else after that break up. Seriously. You won't be thinking of him/her in 20 years.
*Use a condom every time
*Don't do anything you don't want on the cover of tomorrow's newspaper OR sent to your mother by video/text
*Just because you can doesn't mean you should
*Wash your freaking hands
*Call your parents. They're the only ones you get and unless they were really rotten to you then give then a ring. You'll regret not doing it one day.
*Learn to cook. Not just pasta but an actual meal
*Skip the credit cards
*Realize that you're not alone and every emotion or thought you've ever had has already been shared by someone else. You're not a snowflake. If you're lonely then so is someone else. If you're scared then so is someone else. If you're upset... you get it. Find someone to either share that emotion with or offset it.
*Self confidence is way hotter than anything external. Your hair, your shoes, your pudgy belly - people will notice that stuff but self confidence will get your further than those things. Fake it til you make it.
*Material possessions aren't everything. Junk things you haven't touched in year. You'll feel lighter.
*Procrastination kills. Those weeds outside? Next week they'll be worse and take longer to pull. That noise the car is making? Next month the car will be dead in the driveway and you'll wish you'd taken it in sooner. Don't put off what needs to be done for it only becomes a larger issue later.
*Read books. Lots of them.
*Travel any time you are given the option
*People are much more than ethnicity or orientation or gender or class.
*Find a job where you can love what you do AND make money. Picking only one option will leave you out in the cold.

I could go on forever. I'm old and gained a lot of bullshit in life.


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My tip today...

Don't stare at yourself in the mirror for too long, you begin to disocciate from your body and see the person in the mirror as someone else. Or try it and find out...

8 glasses of water is only recommended a day for people within the healthy weight range. if you weigh more, drink more. There are apps to help you calculate how much...Apparently 75% of America is dehydrated.
If it doesn't move but it should, WD40.
If it moves and it shouldn't, duct tape.

The deeper you are asleep, the harder the cat will claw your face.

The drill sergeant was actually smarter than you gave him credit for at the time. It's just harder to get a point across 4 letters at a time. Try to remember that.

Don't go back and change your answers on the test unless you are absolutely certain. Your first instinct was probably right.

It's 5:00 somewhere. Jimmy Buffett is a genius. Today WILL end no matter how bad it is right now.

Diapers and politicians should both be changed often... And for the same reason. VOTE!

Guys: Stand a little closer
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"Surround yourself with people of intelligence and integrity."

This is what my fortune cookie revealed today.. which is rather sneaky, considering IF I do surround myself with these people then it has affected my fortune and future, thereby "predicting" it accurately.

Anyway enough of that. I am passing my "fortune" onto you guys.

Fluff up a flattened pillow by putting it out in the sun for an hour.

Jonathan R.

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Never tell people ghost stories anytime outside of Halloween or round a campfire.
Star Wars though cool doesn't need to be on your resume. Sorry you don't know 3 million forms of communication.
On loans pay on them, try with the most expensive ones first.


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I know the last post was some time ago, but I came here looking for help now and I'll just post something here.
Exercise 3-4 times a week, even if it's just a 20-30 minute walk. It gives routine in a chaotic world and lets you think things over better. Or you can try to find exercises you can do outside of a gym if you have no membership in a gym and can't afford one (hence walking, running, or biking).
Get a white noise machine to sleep if sound keeps you up; even a youtube video on your phone can help you there (plug it in so it doesn't die).
Meditation. I didn't take it seriously until I tried it.
Eat less sugar. It shuts off your ability to feel full and leads to binging.

Hope some of that helps.

Keep cake moist by eating it all in one sitting.
That made me laugh.

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