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Little Mix Star: Jesy Nelson. Odd One Out documentary.


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Little Mix's 4 band singing and dancing group won the UK's X -Factor competition in 2011. Jesy Nelson left the group yesterday to work on her mental health issues which stemmed from online trolls and nasty people bullying her whilst she was in the band for 9 years on social media etc.

After 2 years in the band after constantly being called fat, ugly and awful and other horrible things including such as being told she looked like E.T, she attempted to take her own life. Thankfully she survived but she told the public yesterday that being in the band caused all her MH struggles and that now that she is is the recovery stage, she made an award winning documentary called Odd One Out in an attempt to help others who are being bullied and trolled online and in social media (which she was forced to sign up to as part of her contract). She is incredibly brave, intelligent, talented and beautiful.

I did not look for the documentary online but I'm sure it could help people in similar situations. I'm posting this in the hopes others will gain from her unfortunate and cruel experience.

Fair play to this beautiful girl for sharing all her mental struggles with the public and raising awareness. How courageous and I wish her all the luck in the world. Bless her. 👼


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I do feel so sorry for her. The saddest part is that she has actually conformed to the trolls as she's had loads of plastic surgery on her face. Very sad x

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