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hi, i've just joined this place, i'm no computer whizz so i don't even know if i'm posting this in the right place. i don't really understand how to work this website. but hopefully i can find some people who will empathise with me. I'd really like to find someone who feels a bit like me that i could talk to.
I am in 6th form right now and i have no friends whatsoever in or outside of school. i am so horribly depressed and suicidal i can bearly get myself to school everyday. i am SO unhappy, i hate how i look, my personality, everything about myself. but i can't tell anyone cos i've already had mental health problems and everyone thinks im ok now, so i would feel so guilty telling my parents or my friends that im actually still in such a bad way.
i just really just want to talk to anyone that feels like it, im so lonely so please post if you want to...


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Hi honey,

Welcome to the forum. You might also want to make an intros post in the welcome forum, that would be a way to meet other people too.

It sounds like thigns are really hard for you at the moment. Does anyone know how you feel? Have you talked to anyone in real life?

You say that you can't tell anyone, well, they would be so much worse off if they realised that you are coping with this alone. How were they last time you were ill? Were they supportive?

If you haven't, and even if you have, it sounds like you really need some help and support and a trip to the doctor could really help you. you are old enough to go by yourself and for them to not have to tell your parents (if you are in the UK at any rate) unless they think you are a severe danger to yourself, but most likely, because you would have reached out for help, that would not be the case.

They can open up a world of support and help, like meds or therapy, which would hopefully really help you. Do you think you could maybe go to your doctor?

Also, you could try talking to a teacher. They could help you with sixth form, your education, and also support you too.

No one deserves to feel so bad, so you need to try and do somethings to help yourself.

If you ever want to chat feel free to PM me

Hang in there and take care of yourself
Hey Kate! Welcome to SF, don't worry about not knowing much about computers, you're not the only one quite a few people here are not computer techies. :) You're doing ok so far though and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

I'm not in 6th form anymore, finished my A Levels last year but I can certainly relate to having no friends and feeling alone, I had no friends in 6th form and it was an awful experience. Actually, I have struggled with friendships for a long while and don't think I can call anyone in real life a friend.

Why do you hate your personality? I'm sure you're a nice person if people gave you a chance. We're not clones, everyone has different likes and dislikes and behaves differently to other people it's what makes us, us. Uniqueness. It would be very boring if everyone behaved the same way and had the same interests. Have you thought about joining an interest group like an after school club or something where you can meet people with the same interests?

As for your looks, everyone has different tastes and I doubt you're an ugly person to other people. What you may see as ugly, others may see as attractive. I'm really not just saying it either. For example, acne, some may find that a turn off but I think it can look really good on people.

Saying all that however I'm also struggling to accept and like me as a person (looks and appearance). It's hard, but on this forum you'll meet plenty of people who feel this way.

Do you know why you have such a low self image of yourself?

If you've had mental problems in the past and people know about it, I'd have thought it may be easier to approach with people. The hardest thing is 'fessing up and letting other people know your problems - but when other people know already you can know how they're going to react and expect the support. I'm sure your friends & family would understand and there is no need to feel guilty - they most probably wouldn't want you to feel this way. They're main concern is probably your health and they'd be much more upset to know you have been keeping it secret from them.

Anyway, welcome again to the forum, I hope you find it helpful for you. If you want to chat anytime you're more than welcome to PM me. :hug:
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All I had to do was read the word "lonely" in the subject line and I knew I had to read this post.

I feel lonely very often, especially these days. I have a roommate, but he's hardly ever here. My family lives on the other side of the country, I've recently had a friendship-ending fight with my best friend and just found out that another one is not too happy with me. As for the few friends I do have, I can never seem to get them on the phone.

Yes, lonliness is a bad old dog that won't let itself be housetrained. Just when you think you've got the best of him, you step in a foul-smelling puddle in the kitchen in your socks.

The worst thing about lonliness is that I sometimes beat myself up over it, telling myself that I deserve to be lonely because I'm no good to anybody. But that's not the truth. Eventually, I do get a good friend on the phone, or my therapists remind what a decent person I am. Sometimes it's just a matter of coming here and saying that I'm lonely and won't someone please talk to me. There are some fine people on this forum (although my therapists aren't too happy with the name of the forum, but you can't please everybody).

Lonely is a... well... lonely word. It's sad and makes you want to crawl into a corner. But there are people in this forum who don't want you in that corner. They want to find out who you are and what makes you giggle. Along with posting and PMs, go to the coffee shop section where there are posting games designed to get you talking about yourself and getting know everyone else.

The fact that you've found us is a step in the right direction. See? Something going right already!



Omg this is actually quite wierd... :D Hello Kate! Welcome and I hope you benefit from your visit blah blah blah all that stuff :D

Anyways... You are sounding so familiar to me, and even wierder, we have the same name... CReepy... But yeh... Everyone hates something about themselves, it's normal. And you will find friends, people who like, no matter what you think. Are you a shy person? Coz sometimes that can effect things.
Loneliness is a curse, a virus. But it can go away.

Anways, I hope you're ok and anytime you want to talk or just want to make a friend, I'm always here and my PM space is always waiting.




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Hi Kate and :welcome: to SF. I've moved your thread to the welcome section where you'll probably get more hits. Sorry to hear you're feeling so down and isolated, but you should have the opportunity to make some friends here from people who understand something of what it feels like to be in your position.
Hope you soon feel at home here.
Best wishes.
:welcome: to SF Kate. I am sorry you are having such a rough time right now. I know you will find lots of support here. Take care and keep posting.
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