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lost all hope in humanity

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Emmam, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Emmam

    Emmam Member

    Will be short.

    My bf is from Bangladesh, his parents found out we're a couple and wont let us be together. His dad is a criminal and was in prison and cheated on his mom in the past. His mom is a stupid bitch and I honestly think she deserves to go to hell and am sure she will once shes finally gone. They're looking for a wife for him now. Although its forbidden in islam they still do it. And although islam says a muslim man can marry a christian/jewish woman if she converts to islam, which i would do, its still not possible. Their religion is for us being together, but they're against it while at the same time breaking rules every day.

    They threat him that he wont be in contact with any of his relatives including his two younger siblings. His sister already left the family years ago and that happened to her.. They threat him to be able to control him and keep making him miserable as they have done his entire life. They want all his money, they wont let him move out of their house (his 25) they insult him, they call him the devil if he doesnt do what they say.

    And now they wont let him be happy with me.. They dont care about anyone but themselves. Theyre the most stupid braindead people i've ever heard of. Im having thoughts of just going over there killing them if that would make his life easier.

    I cant live with this pain anymore. these are the kind of people who wins... they get what they want... they get their way. doesnt matter how good person i am, good people never win in this world. happy ending doesnt exist. i give up on life now, i lost all hope in humanity. i dont wanna be in a world where evil like this exists. i cant eat, im losing weight, i wanna die. my future is blank, i dont wanna do anything, nothing makes me happy, nothing makes me smile. if there is a hell life is it. i give up.. dont care,, wanna die now, just wanna end the pain
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    he IS 25 HE is an adult time to move on make decision on his own he siblings will see him when they grow as well Move on to a new place country move away both of you He wants new life anyways Tell him he is a man now not a little boy being pushed around by his parents tell him take charge of his life
  3. Emmam

    Emmam Member

    i think he's depressed... he only works a part time shit job and doesn't have much money (as his dad crashed his car expecting him to pay for it...) His family keeps taking all his energy that he doesn't feel like he wants to do anything. He says he wants to take control of his but he doesn't do it... his family is hell. Making him so unhappy and depressed..

    i tried talking him into moving out of the house, but he says he cant, cant afford it etc..
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    he is 25 he is a grown man time to get to doctor get meds for his depression
    again he has to make choices now to stay with abusing parents which is easy for him to do or get up and leave get a place of his own then no more control from anyone. time to grow up leave the nest. yes. i know it is hard with depression but he has to do this take him go his doctor get him on medication and move on.
  5. fallingangie

    fallingangie Well-Known Member

    Now since your bf is from Bangladesh, you should know this that different countries have different cultures and traditions. In countries like those the environment is way more different...n moving out of the house at 25 is not a very common thing. People are expected to move out once they get married, which is a way of portraying decency and support for the elder members of one's family. If you are willing to convert and yet his parents are not agreeing to it...then its completely irrational...got to agree with you on that.
  6. dizzylife

    dizzylife New Member

    Well his sister moved out. He could just stay in a homeless shelter till he gets his act together.
  7. ariel2013

    ariel2013 Member

    The way his parents are is because of their Religion. Nearly all muslim families live by certain rules and if you break them you will be sentenced to hell in their minds. In America some of them might become what we call "Americanized" especially the younger generation that hasn't lived in the muslim country for long but overall most stick to their core traditions. And as far as the dad cheating that is normal for muslims. The men have all the power in that religion and the women are not thought of as equals. So the men can do w.e. they want and if the women cheats they would probably be killed. But anyways you really do not want to be involved with that religion and even though ur bf is against them I'm sure he has similar characteristics that will come to light when you end up living with him. Trust me it hurts now but you will get over it. Even the deepest love goes away with time. I've been through something like this before. My mom told me I Could never see my bf again and I ended up swallowing a whole bottle of aprin because I was so devastated and he was the love of my life. But now years later I'm thinking ...I can't believe how stupid I was for even being with that guy.
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