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Love is annoying
i dont know where to post this..
i hope this is the right place,
if not im sorry..

here goes.

I like my friend she is amazing
she has a boyfriend tho
but they broke up
an she kinda knew i liked her
but never said anything
which made me think "She knows, but dont like me same way otherwise she'd said something"

An When were out an she is drunk she is like holding my hand an kissing my cheek an stuff..
but when she is sober were just normal.. talking hugging.

She got back with her boyfriend
which was kinda heartbreaking as i really liked this person,
i dont really know what to feel at the moment,
makes me feel sad :[[



Staff Alumni
Hi :hug:

Sounds like a really confusing place to be.. is there any way you could talk to your friend? It might help clear the air a bit and let you know where you stand.

I'm sorry things are so frustrating and confusing for you right now.. Hope they improve.

jenny x
hey doll, i know right where you stand.

i had a crush on my best friend's boyfriend since i met him two years ago. but they were together and i was engaged. well long story short, thier relationship didn't work and neither did mine and now we're together.

some things just take time

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