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Major Depressive Disorder

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Lady Wolfshead, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Lady Wolfshead

    Lady Wolfshead Well-Known Member

    Anyone else here with MDD? I've been through four severe depressions, and live with moderate depression from day to day. After the death of my best friend, I've really been struggling again. I have my husband, but he's not interested in talking about depression much - he has his own issues.

    I do manage to work part-time, and I write fiction stories.

    Please introduce yourself if you have MDD
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  2. AsphyxiateOnWords

    AsphyxiateOnWords Eρεβος/Νύξ

    I was technically diagnosed with it, but that was a pretty long time ago. I'm not sure if I would still fit the criteria or not. I do still feel depressed a lot of the time though, so I can relate.
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  3. Striking

    Striking Well-Known Member

    I have been diagnosed with major and moderate, which along with persistent depression is my baseline. When I fit the criteria it simply an awful experience. Keep fighting it.
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  4. wemo

    wemo time-traveler

    I have MDD. I didn’t find out until recently when I did a cognitive psych eval to see if I had any issues from the brain damage I have from having had tumors zapped and two brain surgeries. But I’ve had severe depression on and off since my late teens. I’m a channel and author but I can only work a few hours a day. Depression affects me frequently. Yay.
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  5. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hiya,I was diagnosed with MDD many years ago, I was on a lot of different types of anti-depressants until I finally found the right one for me which was Mirtazapine,I was on it a few years, I found it did wonders for me and after some time and major improvements my diagnosis of MDD was taken off my file. That proves you can beat it and can get through this difficult time, it can be frustrating trying so many anti depressants but it will be worth it in the long run. I do hope you find one that helps as much as my one did, best wishes :)
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  6. Paul1234

    Paul1234 Well-Known Member

    Bipolar disorder here. So I know very well what major depression is like, even to the point of psychosis (hallucinations, mostly auditory).

    I don’t take any meds for it.
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  7. Laura79

    Laura79 Well-Known Member

    I have major depressive disorder. I work full time but it causes me too miss work more than I should. I’m on medication but still feel depressed most days. Every day is a struggle. Mornings are the worst. I just want to stay in bed all day but have to really force myself to get up and get around.
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  8. Sand and Sun

    Sand and Sun SF Supporter

    I have MDD also since age 22. It really rears it’s ugly head once or twice per year and lasts fri 3-5 weeks each time. This has been going on for around 30 years. I’ve found ways to get past it. What I have been using for the past 10 years are flower essences. At least for me they have an extraordinary effect so that barring the one or two bouts of MDD which come without cause, I’m quite happy with my life.
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  9. Lady Wolfshead

    Lady Wolfshead Well-Known Member

    I am nearly full-time right now and I've been absent 4 times this year already. I'm in a union so unlikely to be fired for it, but I know full well they will find something else if they really want to fire me. It's probably not going to happen but I can't help feeling like I have the sword of Damocles dangling about my head. Ugh